Home News Samsung unveils the Galaxy Z Flip ad during Oscar’s ceremony

Samsung unveils the Galaxy Z Flip ad during Oscar’s ceremony

It’s just a day left for the Samsung Unpacked Event to unfold though the company has already let us have a good glimpse of what to expect with the Galaxy Z Flip phone. That is via an ad that the company launched during the Oscar’s night, thereby ensuring good visibility for the phone right away.

Unfortunately, not all of the missing pieces to the Z Flip puzzle is evident but we do know it’s going to have sort of a secondary display at the rear. The display will be showing the caller ID for the incoming call and you will also have the option to answer the call even with the device in a closed state.


Given the foldable display, it is only natural Samsung makes good use of it via some intuitive software innovations. Take for instance the ability to make the phone sit with the display making a 90-degree angle. This again make for the ideal scenario for conducting video chats via one half of the display that is sitting upright.

The rest of the specs is anybody’s guess at the moment though experts opine the foldable phone will come powered by Qualcomm’s 2019 flagship processor, the Snapdragon 855+. That should allow for enough processing grunt if not bleeding edge so to speak. Rumour also has it that the phone will come with a 3300 mAh battery and will be having a dual primary cam on the inside along with a selfie cam on the outer edge.

Samsung is also known to be particularly keen to see the phone appeal to the masses and is believed to price it around the $1400 mark. That applies to the model without any telecom contracts, which means the price could be much less when tied to a data plan. The company also believed to have already produced half a million of the Z Flip handsets with sales likely to begin as early as Feb. 14 itself.