Home News Samsung Touts Metabolic Health Tracking That Apple Can’t Yet Do

Samsung Touts Metabolic Health Tracking That Apple Can’t Yet Do

Samsung Touts Metabolic Health Tracking That Apple Can't Yet Do

Samsung is setting a new standard in the realm of health tracking with its upcoming updates to Samsung Health, introducing features that Apple has yet to match. These enhancements, powered by the newly developed Galaxy AI, will provide users with deeper insights into their health metrics.

Enhanced Health Tracking Features

Samsung’s focus on integrating AI technology will offer personalized health monitoring and tailored coaching. The upgraded Samsung Health app is expected to revolutionize how users interact with their devices, leveraging data to provide more accurate and helpful health feedback. Features like improved sleep analysis, medication tracking, and the new ‘My Vitality Score’—which assesses physical and mental readiness—are set to roll out.

Sleep Tracking and Medication Alerts

The AI-powered updates will enhance the way sleep patterns and medication impacts are monitored. Users will receive detailed insights into their sleep quality and get notifications about medication interactions, significantly improving daily health management.

My Vitality Score

A notable addition is the ‘My Vitality Score,’ which evaluates daily readiness similar to systems used by Garmin and Fitbit. This feature suggests actions to improve health metrics based on AI analysis, such as recommending meditation for high-stress days.

Market Impact and Availability

These updates are strategically timed to coincide with the release of the Galaxy Watch 7 series, indicating Samsung’s commitment to advancing health technology. This move not only emphasizes Samsung’s innovation in health and wellness but also highlights a gap in Apple’s current offerings in this area.

As Samsung prepares to launch its enhanced health tracking capabilities with the latest Samsung Health updates, it’s clear the tech giant is leading the way in incorporating advanced AI to provide more comprehensive health insights. This strategic advancement not only sets Samsung apart in the wearable technology market but also showcases an area where Apple has yet to tread. With these developments, Samsung is not just upgrading its technology but is also potentially reshaping how we monitor and manage health daily.


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