Samsung to launch new Hygiene Steam Washing Machine and other consumer durables during  Amazon Prime Day sales

Samsung has some interesting consumer electronic products lined up for launch in India. The company also announced it has tied up with Amazon India to time the launch with the Amazon Prime day sale in order to get maximum consumer traction. Among the products Samsung intends to launch in India include new refrigerators, microwaves oven, a new bezel for its Frame TV along with a new advanced washing machine which promises to not only clean our clothes but disinfect those as well. The Amazon Prime Day Sales will be live on 26 and 27 July 2021.

Washing Machines

Just cleaning the clothes isn’t enough in these times of the pandemic as we also need to disinfect those as well. It is this requirement that prompted Samsung to launch a new Front Load Washing Machine having Hygiene Steam tech which the company said will ensure the clothes aren’t just free of ingrained dirt but 99.9 percent of bacteria and allergens as well.

The washing machine comes in 8 kg capacity which should suit the requirements of even bigger families. The washing machine is priced at Rs. 31,499 with a ten-year warranty applicable on the motor. No cost EMI starts at Rs. 1,750 while there also is a 21 percent discount available as well. The same Front Load Hygiene Steam washing machine in 6 Kg capacity comes for Rs. 21,999. Here too there is a discount of up to 18 percent available while no-cost EMI starts at Rs. 1.833.

There is also the fully automatic AI-enabled Ecobubble washing machine available too which has a starting price of Rs. 30,999. There is a max 20 percent discount available while EMI starts at Rs. 1,722. Similarly, the fully automatic Top Load Digital Inverter washing machine will sell for a starting price of Rs. 15,999. There is a max 25 percent discount available while EMI starts at Rs. 1,334.


The Frame 2021 happens to be an interesting take on televisions in that it can serve as the perfect television but can function as a digital picture holder when not in use. Now, Samsung is introducing new Terracotta colored bezels for the 55-inch model of The Frame TV that adds a touch of ethnicity to not only the TV but the surroundings as well.

The bezel is priced at Rs. 6,749 while buying the same together with the TV will allow for a discount of 24 percent. In any case, there is a discount of up to 31 percent available on The Frame which otherwise starts at Rs. 61,990. EMI for the same starts at Rs. 2,583. Check out the official Samsung India site or for more details on offers and discounts on the company’s range of smart TVs.


Samsung is all set to introduce its new double-door frost-free refrigerator with 253-liter capacity. The refrigerator will sport a shade of Luxe Black, which makes it look stylish and classy. The refrigerator will sport a digital display so that controlling temperature won’t require you to open the refrigerator each time.

For those who need a smaller refrigerator, there is also the new single-door version of 198-liter capacity sporting a Delight Indigo pattern. However, both the refrigerators come with digital inverter tech which ensures maximum energy efficiency. Both refrigerators carry a ten-year warranty on the compressor.

The price of the double door variant stands at Rs. 24,090 while the single door model comes for Rs. 17,900. There is a max 20 percent discount available too while no-cost EMI starts at Rs. 1,492. Similarly, the Samsung Side-by-Side and Convertible French Door Refrigerators too start at a special price of Rs. 69,990. Here too there is a max 20 percent discount applicable while EMI starts at Rs. 3,889.


Samsung is offering its new baker series of microwave ovens which the company said is perfectly suited for the young millennials. The new microwave ovens allow for such specialized tasks as steaming, grilling, and frying as well. Price starts at Rs. 9,990 while EMI starts at Rs. 833. The maximum discount applicable here is 20 percent.


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