Samsung ties up with Samsonite to provide travel lovers smart luggage

Samsung – Is keeping a track of your luggage becoming a task for you? Then the recent development that the Daily mail has brought forward might interest you. Both Samsung and Samsonite are coming together to make luggage ‘smart’.

The luggage produced by Samsonite will be enabled with GPS chip that will help the traveller to keep a check on the whereabouts of the luggage. You will be further notified about the positioning of your luggage while travelling.

The bags will be equipped with GPS chip in such a way that, if for any reason your luggage gets away from you or you just misplace it then with the help of the tracking device you can find it back. This is the age of smartphones and the GPS tracking device will help you bring the luggage back to you by notifying you through messages or warning signals.

Mr. Tainwala further said that, “This is a utopia we are working towards but we are not quite there yet. It’s a blue sky idea where the bag will follow you 6 inches behind. It’s a bit like a programmable remote control car.”

Samsonite and Samsung are further in the quest of developing a more advanced form of carrying your luggage. Speaking with the Daily Mail, Chief Executive of Samsonite Mr. Ramesh Tainwala stated that the day is not too far when your luggage might follow six inches behind you, without leaving you and at the same time reducing your load of pulling the same.

He further continues that, “At this stage the real focus is on a motor with a remote control that needs to be light and small. The early prototypes use an engine that takes up a third of the space and weighs 20 kilos. But if you look at music speakers, they used to be huge and are now tiny. So we revisit this project regularly.”


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