Samsung will reportedly start selling refurbished Galaxy Note 7 starting July 7, which happens to be next week. Multiple reports citing industry sources have revealed that Samsung will soon start selling refurbished models of the ill-fated phablet.

The report further goes on to add that refurbished models of the Galaxy Note 7 will sell under the name Galaxy Note Fandom Edition (FE). Also, the device will feature new batteries along with updated software. South Korean publication Yonhap news agency suggests that refurbished Galaxy Note 7 will sell at $616 while sales are said to begin July 7.

The report also adds that the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco not only put a severe dent on the company’s reputation as a reliable manufacturer but also cost the Korean manufacturer billions of dollars in the form lost profits. As many as 3 million Note 7 handsets were recalled, according to the report.

The doomed Galaxy Note 7 was certainly a major blow for Samsung, but its latest flagships the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus have been hugely popular and met with positive reviews and orders. And based on fresh reports, it appears the unannounced Galaxy Note 8 will be something that’ll give its competitors a run for their money.

The upcoming Galaxy Note 8 is expected to release around the same time as Apple’s anniversary iPhone 8, and the device will likely fix some of the minor flaws found on the Galaxy S8. For instance, the Galaxy Note 7 successor is said to be the first handset from Samsung to feature a dual-lens camera setup, capable of taking 2X zoom optical shots.

Another flaw with the Galaxy S8 series was the placement of the fingerprint scanner, which is right next to the camera, and for the most, isn’t that easily accessible. But according to key sources, Samsung will integrate the fingerprint scanner below the display on the Galaxy Note 8. With an arsenal of high-end features such as fingerprint sensor, Iris scanner, waterproofing, dual-camera setup, there’s no denying the Galaxy Note 8 will carry an exorbitant price tag. According to a report by VentureBeat, the Galaxy Note 8 will retail at around $900. If this happens to be true, the device will be most expensive handset ever from Samsung.

Source: Yonhap