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Samsung Galaxy S10 range gets discounted post Galaxy S20 launch

It has just been a few days that Samsung launched its next generation flagship phones – the S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra. That means the S10 series won’t be the company’s flag bearer anymore and hence aren’t expected to be the most sought after either.

That makes it a fit case to provide the erstwhile flagships a hefty dose of discounts to ensure the phone remain in contention. And this is exactly what Samsung has done. With the S10 range, it has indeed been a huge discount given that the range now starts at INR 47,900 for the S10e which till even a few weeks back has been selling for INR 55,000.

With the S10, the price starts at INR 54,900 which is a nice INR 16,100 less than the original price. Not surprisingly, the discount is the biggest for the S10+ which is now available for INR 61,900. That makes for a sizeable INR 17,100 less than the original price.

Sure the latest S20 can be considered to be a generation ahead of its predecessor though the S10 range still demands a lot of respect. Much of that has to do with the awesome package it comes along as given its superb display as well as excellent performance. Couple to that the nice camera it comes with and you have a phone that can still turn heads.

Buyers can look forward to the price being discounted further by the retailers during occasions and festivals, which is going to be the right time to procure the phone. Meanwhile, the new S20 range is speculated to hit store shelves in India just next month itself, with some unofficial sources claiming it to happen on March 8.

Samsung has already started accepting pre-orders for the phones on the official company website though no retailers have so far listed the same on their site. The official sale price of the phone in India is also a closely guarded secret at the moment.