Samsung Patents concept Projection Smartwatch based on Pranav Mistry’s Sixth Sense Tech

Samsung filed for another patent on 14th of May for a smartwatch which comes with a inbuilt small projector that displays the screen on the user’s hand.

Smartwatches are handy devices, known for their mobility, connectivity and utility. However, its biggest advantage is also its biggest drawback. The size of the screen makes it difficult to use apps or interfacing with the UI. Samsung seems to have stumbled upon a concept that might help them overcome this drawback. Surely enough, they also got a patent for this.

The device features a small projector that displays the screen on the user’s hand. The device is also said to feature a small camera and sensor that will help the device detect where the users another hand is and what actions it is performing.

One drawback that comes to mind when picturing this feature is the uneven surface of one’s hand. For this, there is a mention of the device identifying the shape of the surface and adjusting its projection accordingly. This new technology promises to make smartwatches much more than just an extension to smartphones. This does sound like an incredible addition to the Gear series and its sports version. Known for its smoothness, it will be interesting to see how Tizen performs on such a platform.

This development also promises leaps of advancements in VR and AR technology. With its recent very frequented trips to the patent office, Samsung has clearly announced its intentions of staying ahead of the game at all times. Be it with smartphones or smart watches or digital contact lenses (nothing short of Sherlock Holmes’ imagination of Magnussen). It appears that they have realised that innovation is the key to survival, and to become an invincible force like Google, they need to keep investing in it.