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Samsung to offer more 4G enabled phones this year

The year 2015, being destined to see a push for fourth-generation networks, Samsung Electronics has already fixed its pipeline to take care of the future. The leading mobile manufacturer has included phones in its future product portfolio that are capable of working on a 4G network. The move comes in line with the telecom operators plans to introduce 4G services this year. The price range of these 4G enabled phones is up to Rs. 25,000, where Samsung has already unveiled one such phones in India yesterday

Will Take Time To Embrace 4G

The question is whether the demand will be equally high for these phones? If Asim Warsi, vice president of mobile marketing, is to be believed then it will take time for consumers to adopt the new phone technology. It is believed that customers first upgrade to 3G from 2G before upgrading to 4G network. Meanwhile, Samsung could be seen rolling out more of the 4G models on the back of inevitability of 4G services to be introduced this year. Warsi estimated that it takes three years on an average for a person to move from a basic or feature phone to Smartphone and then another two-to-three years to upgrade to a 3G-enabled phone. Though 3G services are already available to most of the subscribers but yet a high ratio of them is still on 2G.

More Mid-Segment Phones

Other than the 4G models, Samsung has also launched more mid-segment phones priced in between Rs. 19,000-25,500. This segment delivers 25% of Smartphone sales to the company. Also, the company is considering renewing every segment from feature phones to premium phones during this year. The newly launched phones take care of two different types of customers, one who are conscious about the look and other who seek more features. The phones are built to create high-resolution selfies and suits social networking. Samsung’s product pipeline would be a deciding factor for its success in India, where it is facing tough competition from local mobile makers like Micromax as well as other global players like Xiaomi.