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Samsung reportedly working on mid-range smartphones with Iris scanner

Samsung Iris scanner

The latest flagship from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 7 comes with a highly advanced Iris scanner. The company has said that it is working to equip its mid-range offerings with the brand new Iris scanner. This new type of biometric authentication is probably the most secure in the world of smartphones.

The president of Samsung’s mobile division, DJ Koh discussed the scopes of Iris scanner at a press conference in the aftermath of the Note 7 launch event in New York. He disclosed that Samsung has been working with the new tech for more than three years. He put emphasis on the fact that Iris scanning is the ultimate thing in biometrics.

Koh mentioned that the Iris scanning capability has immense opportunities and the company will not only restrict it just to unlocking devices. Samsung eye to use the extreme level of security of the Iris scanner for authorizing significant transactions in online banking. The company has already prepared a complete strategy for use of the brand new technology and is trying to collaborate with a number of banks across the world.

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Highlighting the lack of security in the Android platform, Koh declared that Samsung is working with both hardware and software to expand this security feature to as much as possible. He said that gradually the manufacturing costs of Iris scanners would be brought down. Then we should see the new biometric in Samsung’s mid-range smartphones.

The president of Samsung Mobile is personally supervising the research and development of the Iris scanning technology. Till now, the company is pretty successful in making the Iris scanner advanced and devoid of drawbacks.

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The Iris scanner works effortlessly for even peoples wearing glasses. The Note 7, Samsung’s first smartphone sporting the latest tech comes with an infra-red light emitter and a dedicated camera for capturing the pattern of Iris. The camera boasts a unique image filter to process the Iris lit infra-red light. Having an independent light source, Note 7’s Iris scanner can work seamlessly in dark places.

Samsung has taken utmost care in making the Infra-red emitter perfectly safe for the human eyes. The IR LED used in the Note 7 bears top certification from the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission. On the top of that, the IR LED will switch off automatically if it detects the human eye to be too close or exposed for a long duration.

The Iris scanner of the latest Samsung flagship can register the Iris pattern of only one individual. Although this seems to be a good advantage, it may reduce the device’s resale value.