Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Long-Term Review

In the ever-evolving landscape of smartphones, the trend is leaning toward larger devices. However, for those who still yearn for compactness, foldable phones offer a ray of hope. Among the foldables, the Flip form factor has been gaining popularity, especially because of its resemblance to classic candy bar phones. Samsung, with its Galaxy Z Flip lineup, stands as the undisputed leader in this category, having pioneered its widespread adoption in the global market.

With the impending launch of the Galaxy Z Flip5 on the horizon, it’s essential to revisit the Galaxy Z Flip4 and assess its performance over time. The Z Flip4 represented a significant leap forward from its predecessor, the Flip3. It introduced noteworthy features such as water resistance, a larger battery, a powerful new SoC, and a larger cover display. We’ve had the opportunity to extensively use the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, and in this review, we provide our comprehensive long-term assessment of the same.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Specifications

Before starting with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 review, let’s glance at the phone’s specifications, pricing, and things we get with the device.

  • Display: 6.7-inch FHD+ Dynamic AMOLED, 120Hz refresh rate
  • CPU: Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor
  • RAM: 8/12GB
  • Storage: 128/256GB
  • Software: Android 13, One UI 5.1
  • Main Camera: 12MP primary sensor + 12MP ultra-wide
  • Selfie Camera: 10MP
  • Connectivity: USB Type-C, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth v5.3, GPS/ A-GPS, FM Radio
  • Cellular: Dual SIM
  • Fingerprint Scanner: Yes, side-mounted
  • Battery: 3,700 mAh, non-removable
  • Charging: 25W fast charging

Design & Display

The Galaxy Z Flip4 showcases a refined and improved design compared to its predecessor, featuring subtle enhancements like a flatter frame, matte glass, and rounded corners, all contributing to an elevated user experience. While flip form factor devices often share similar designs, Samsung distinguishes itself with its implementation of the cover display and hinge. In this case, they have utilized an improved and slimmer hinge that has proven its durability over time, maintaining rigidity similar to a new phone fresh out of the box.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

A significant concern with foldable smartphones lies in the display’s vulnerability and sensitivity, hindering their widespread adoption, alongside the cost of these handsets. However, the Galaxy Z Flip4 addresses this concern by employing a 6.7-inch Dynamic 2X AMOLED panel that has demonstrated excellent resilience over time. Although a crease may become more noticeable with extended use, it remains a reasonable tradeoff to experience this cutting-edge technology.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

The phone’s display offers a wide contrast ratio and supports HDR10, ensuring enjoyable viewing angles and vibrant colors. Moreover, Samsung has integrated an innovative Advanced Vision Booster, which automatically adjusts the screen to optimize color accuracy and contrast in different lighting conditions. To accommodate the current technological limitations, the Galaxy Z Flip4 features a side-mounted fingerprint sensor, which proves convenient and reliable, surpassing the need for an in-display alternative.

Software and Performance

Regarding the software, the Galaxy Z Flip4 was initially launched late last year with Android 12 and One UI 4.1. However, it has since received an update to Android 13, along with the latest One UI 5.1 overlay. This new One UI version introduces significant visual and feature changes, noticeably enhancing smoothness and offering various useful additions. Among these enhancements are a more customizable lock screen, intelligent suggestion widgets, an edge panel, and improved capabilities for the camera app. Additionally, the device benefits from the DeX mode, which brings desktop-like functionality to the palm of your hand.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

The Z Flip4’s cover display is of decent size and proves to be frequently utilized throughout the day. In contrast to the original Galaxy Z Flip, the external display is substantially larger and comes with an array of added functionalities. Beyond the expected use of checking notifications, several widgets offer control over music playback, alarm management, weather updates, timers, and calendar checking. Moreover, there are extras like turning on the flashlight or monitoring step count. The Cover Screen even enables taking selfies using the front camera. Samsung consistently introduces new widgets, promising a continuously improved Cover Screen experience over time.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

Switching to performance, the Galaxy Z Flip4 boasts the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC, which remains highly capable despite being nearly a year old. The phone handles day-to-day tasks with ease, displaying fast and fluid transitions between apps and menus, and flawlessly running games. The Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 also effectively addresses the battery drain issues experienced by its predecessor, the Z Flip3.

Although the softer display of the Flip4 may not be ideal for intensive gaming, the phone can technically handle demanding titles without encountering issues. It also performs well in leading benchmarks such as Antutu V10 and GeekBench 6.

Camera and Battery

The Galaxy Z Flip4 features a dual 12MP sensor setup on the rear and a 10MP sensor on the main display, which serves for selfies and video calls. Throughout our extended usage, we observed that the primary camera performs admirably in well-lit conditions, capturing good detail with punchy colors and commendable dynamic range, given sufficient light. However, the ultra-wide-angle camera produces decent photos but exhibits noticeable barrel distortion, along with reduced detail around the edges.

The low-light experience is similar, with the camera automatically activating the AI-assisted Night mode to enhance colors and reduce noise. In street-lit scenes, the primary camera delivers crisp photos with impressive detail and dynamic range even in dim lighting conditions.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

Close-up shots of both humans and objects exhibit fine detail, precise edge detection, and pleasing blur. Selfies also turn out well in various lighting situations, though the primary camera proves preferable for selfies due to its ability to capture more detail and produce sharper images.

Regarding battery life, the Flip4 is equipped with a 3,700mAh battery supporting 25W wired charging. Thanks to the new SoC (System on a Chip), the phone demonstrates significantly improved battery performance compared to its predecessor. On a typical workday with moderate use, the phone easily lasts for more than 20 hours. However, with heavy usage, you may need to charge it more than once during the day. Using a third-party PD charger, the Flip4 takes around 2 hours to fully recharge the battery.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Review – The Verdict

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

Even after being on the market for a year, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 remains a strong contender against its competition. With its powerful chipset, reliable battery life, and dependable cameras, it continues to deliver a compelling performance. While the cover display may seem comparatively small when compared to devices like the new Moto Razr 40 Ultra or the Galaxy Z Flip5, it still fulfills its basic functions effectively.

For those seeking a smartphone that stands out from the crowd, the Z Flip4 is a worthy option, especially during upcoming sales. Its unique form factor and features make it an appealing choice for users who are tired of their current smartphones and want something different and exciting.