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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G vs iPhone 12 Pro Max

The battle between Apple and Samsung has been fierce for many years. Both brands stand at the top of smartphone manufacturers with millions of users and fans worldwide. Since the release of the Samsung Galaxy S21 earlier this year, many wonders which flagship is better, the new Samsung or the iPhone 12 models.

Let’s compare the two best phones in their line-up, and settle the score once and for all. The comparison will be given in terms of price, design, camera, and performance.


The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G has a steep price tag of $1,199.99. The costly device is actually cheaper than its previous year’s equivalent model by $200. It seems like a good deal, especially when comparing the lowered price from the year before, however, the iPhone 12 Pro Max wins with a lower price tag.

If you are going for a carrier-lock option, then you can get a better deal. In fact, big carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon offer exciting deals on Apple’s new iPhones. However, if you go for a carrier plan, your iPhone is likely locked to a network. No worries, you can unlock your device using a third-party service. However, beware of scams out there. We tried iPhoneIMEI and they worked like a charm.

By comparison, the iPhone 12 Pro Max cost $1.099. This is $100 cheaper than its Samsung counterpart. Considering that Apple devices are considered to be quite expensive, and a luxurious high-quality purchase. Could it be an actual good deal?

Let’s find out if that $100 difference means that Samsung stands above the Pro Max. Or, if on the other hand, the Apple flagship is a bargain.


The Samsung Galaxy S21 didn’t change many features from the S20. The most notable is the loss of the back cover glass. Many deemed this as the cause for the lowered price since the previous back cover offered more protection. However, the new model manages to keep a classy elegant look with its metallic color combinations and textures.

The Galaxy S21 maintains the same screen technology with some sweet optimizations, The new Samsung phone offers better quality, and a smarter screen management function. The device also continues its traditional highly immersive no-edge display, where the screen just cascades over the sides.

The iPhone 12 continues the classic iPhone look with a few changes, mainly in the display. The phone’s screen has been made to cover almost all of the front. This addressed the issue that many fans have been raising regarding the screen not being optimized enough. Now the new display offers a more immersive experience and comes closer to the complete no-edge Samsung model’s display.

Design-wise, both phones offer a great look and quality. The changes are appropriate for 2021, and we considered that this category is a matter of taste. While the Samsung’s screen is bigger, it shouldn’t be a factor of enough reason to select it over the iPhone 12. We call an impasse and leave it to your best judgment and likes.


This category may be the one in which the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G excels the most. And you will know why in a second. Let’s start by saying that the iPhone 12 Pro Max has an incredible camera with 12 megapixels and up to 6x zooming capacity. The most notable about the camera is the LiDAR technology that allows for depth in the photos and improves the night vision photos quality.

Nonetheless, the S21 Ultra must take the crown when it comes to the camera category. The phone offers a bestial 108MP with up to 100x zoom capability. You can zoom in on the mood and see details of the surface that’s how amazing this phone’s camera is. Whether you want to see everyone’s most minuscule pores while shooting family and friends photos, we don’t know. But, that monster of a camera deserves the win.


The performance category is a bit tricky. The Samsung S21 Ultra is the technical winner. The phone sports the best of the best in terms of CPU and performance power. The device has an octa-core CPU with 1 x 2.9 GHz Cortex and 3×2.80 GHz Cortex. The Samsung phone is designed to endure harsh activity and long gaming hours.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max, seems to shy behind the gaming beast with just six cores and using the native A14 Bionic chipset. Could a six-core CPU defeat an octa-core beast?

In spite of the fantastic specs of Samsung, we must say Apple is the winner in this round. The company certainly knows how to optimize its hardware to yield the best results even when it seems to be of less strength.

The best way to know that the iPhone 12 proved to be of superior strength was by doing a benchmark test. On the Geekbench 5 Benchmark Score the iPhone 12 Ultra Max scored 1587 in the single-core test.  The multi-core test yielded equally amazing results of 3946.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, while still scoring quite high, stayed slightly behind. The single-core test score was 1109, and the multi-core 3518.


The iPhone 12 Pro Max is still the winner of the season. Even when the device was released months prior to the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, it managed to defeat its counterpart in most categories. Including being a more powerful cheaper device.

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