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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 issues: Users complain of crashing and bricking problems

Within days after the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, customers who purchased the handset are facing a tough time with it because of series of crashes and bricking. We have seen posts on several forums on the web about the various difficulties faced by the users of the new Samsung smartphone. Upon inspection, we found complaints about crashes, boot looping and even bricking. These problems will cause frustration among users because they have invested a whole lot of valuable money for the new device.

According to users, the above issues will occur after few days of regular usage. The handset automatically starts to boot loop initially and when users try to run it in Safe mode, the situation gets worse. There are reports that the smartphone also crashes during the recovery process. In some smartphones, doing a factory reset or cache deletion will work. However, in the case of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, nothing seemed to have worked.

Commenting on the development, a user posted on XDA forum that his Galaxy Note 7 started to freeze soon after an update. He saw weird glitch lines on the display and the mobile restarts several times before it ultimately loads up to my lock screen. Moreover, the Note 7 regularly gets into a boot loop causing the unit to heat up a lot. He observed that heating will persist until he simulates a battery pull with Power+VolDown keys.

Samsung Shops Unable to Resolve Issue

According to various reports on XDA forums and Android Central, the exclusive Samsung outlets are unable to deal with the problem. They are not equipped with the required resources to solve the problem.

Once the Galaxy Note 7 is bricked, customers and Samsung shops are unable to find a proper solution. You should depend upon the forums on the web to solve the issues. However, a bricked phone needs to be repaired directly by the authorized personnel.

There are reports that the Galaxy Note 7 phablets running Exynos processor are currently facing the problem. Samsung declined to respond to the problems posted by users.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded during charging

Recently, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 caught fire and exploded during charging. A user who identifies himself with the name ‘Mr. Ni 666666’ posted images of his burnt Note 7 on Chinese forum Baidu. He revealed that the phone was plugged in at night when he heard a sudden bang. When he checked in to see what’s wrong, he saw charred Galaxy Note 7 lying on his table.

Fortunately, none of the people in his house was injured. However, there is no clear idea as to whom to approach to get a new replacement.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Issues Surprising

The complaints come as a surprise since the handset is equipped with a powerful processor coupled with the latest Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. With 4GB RAM, the Note 7 has the required capability to perform heavy multitasking work. Introduced at the IFA 2016, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was recently launched in India at Rs. 59,999.