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Samsung announces second recall of Galaxy Note 7 after CPSC approval

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has officially approved the second recall of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with recall number: 17-011. Hence, you should not make use of the smartphone. The development comes within days after Samsung suspended the sales, production, and distribution of the Galaxy Note 7 handsets.

In a statement issued to the press dated October 13, the US-based agency has stated the reasons for the recall of the safe Note 7 handsets. They disclosed that the lithium-ion battery in the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones can overheat and catch fire, posing serious fire and burn hazard to consumers.

US Consumer Product Safety Commission

The second and possibly the final recall in the history of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 come in less than a month after the initial announcement of the recall on September 15. As a consumer-centric company, Samsung has to go through all the official recall formalities as outlined by the Federal government.

Samsung was forced to recall the handsets with Black Square, which are tagged as safe since they also exploded. While one handset exploded inside a US flight, another phone caught fire even when the customer has just kept it on a table.

If you are using Samsung Galaxy Note 7 including the replacement unit with green battery indicator, you should perform any one the following activities

  • Contact your wireless provider
  • Contact your retailer
  • Establish contact with Samsung toll-free at 844-365-6197
  • Visit http://www.samsung.com to know more information

If you are a genuine customer, you can return your Galaxy Note 7 handset for a refund. Moreover, you can also exchange your existing Note 7 with another handset and claim the balance cost as cash.