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Samsung introduces 44 new TV sets in the Indian market

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd has launched 44 new TV models for the Indian market. The new product line-up consists of SUHD TV with Quantum dot display in the premium segment, Smart TV range in the mid segment and Joy Beat range for the affordable segment. The prices of the new 2016 range starts from Rs. 28,000 and go all the way up till Rs. 24 lakhs.

Samsung SUHD TV

The new range of Samsung SUHD TV’s come with Quantum Dot color display offering the truest to life picture quality, with stunning brightness, great contrast and the best color reproduction ever from Samsung. The revolutionary Quantum Dot Display offers 64 times more color shades than a conventional UHD TV and can show up to 1 billion colors in details, resulting in the most incredible color expression. Powered by HDR 1000 to provide a premium high dynamic range (HDR) combined with 1,000 nit brightness for a higher contrast level between light and dark images delivering brightest pictures with the finest details.

A breath-taking bezel-less curved design for a surround view and an enhanced feeling of depth for an out of the world viewing experience. These coupled with Samsung Smart TV experience, makes it stand apart among other premium TVs in the Indian market.

The SUHD TV range will be sold in the sizes of 123 cm (49-inch) up to 223 cm (88-inch). Maximum Retail Prices will range between Rs. 1,79,900 to Rs. 2,399,900.

Smart TV

The brand new range of Smart TVs from Samsung comes with a host of innovations in areas of Smart Interface, Smart Content, Smart Convergence and Smart play providing the most advanced Smart TV experience. It also comes with Single Access with Customizable UI, which enables users to switch seamlessly between OTT content, live TV and other connected devices including gaming consoles, Blu-ray players and set-top-boxes.

Samsung’s Smart TV range will be sold in the sizes of 80 cm (32 inch) up to 223 cm (88 inch). Maximum Retail Prices will range between Rs. 34,500 to Rs. 7,03,900.

Joy Beat TV

Joy Beat series comes with Integrated Sound Station featuring a revolutionary new retro chic design that has front firing speakers coupled with tweeters to deliver loud, crisp sound for the best bass and sound quality.

Joy Beat range will be sold in sizes ranging from 80 cm (32-inch) to 123 cm (49-inch). Maximum Retail Prices will range between Rs. 27,900 to Rs. 69,500.