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Samsung and Google Set Sights on VR Dominance by 2024

In a strategic move to challenge the anticipated Apple Vision Pro, Samsung and Google, in partnership with Qualcomm, are preparing to re-enter the virtual reality (VR) headset market with renewed vigor. Slated for a late 2024 release, this collaboration aims to deliver a new mixed reality (MR) headset designed to carve out a significant presence in the competitive VR landscape.

Key Highlights:

  • Samsung, Google, and Qualcomm are jointly developing a mixed reality headset.
  • The release is scheduled for late 2024, targeting 30,000 units initially.
  • This move is in direct response to the upcoming Apple Vision Pro.
  • Codenamed Project Infinite, the headset represents a renewed focus on VR from Samsung and Google.

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Joint Venture and Market Strategy

Samsung’s collaboration with Google and Qualcomm is reported to be a strategic alliance aimed at directly countering Apple’s foray into the VR market with its Vision Pro. Aiming for a robust introduction into the mixed reality segment, this trio is not only banking on their technological prowess but also on the timing of the release, allowing for potential market adjustments and technological refinements in response to the Vision Pro’s debut​​.

Technological Innovation and Launch Plans

While details on the specifications of the upcoming VR headset, known as Project Infinite, remain scarce, the joint effort indicates a significant push to leverage each company’s strengths. Samsung’s hardware expertise, Google’s software ecosystem, and Qualcomm’s chip technology are expected to be the cornerstone of this initiative. The South Korean newspaper JoongAng suggests that the announcement will take place during an event in the second half of 2024, hinting at a significant reveal​​.

Market Projections and Competitive Landscape

The initial production run is reportedly set at 30,000 units, a figure that suggests a cautious yet optimistic market entry. This approach allows for scaling based on market reception and positions the alliance as a formidable competitor to Apple’s Vision Pro, which is anticipated to hit the market earlier. The later launch date for Samsung’s VR headset provides an opportunity to assess the market’s reaction to Apple’s product and adjust strategies accordingly​.

Samsung, Google, and Qualcomm are gearing up for a significant leap back into the VR arena with Project Infinite. Scheduled for the end of 2024, this launch is poised to offer a new mixed reality experience and provide consumers with an alternative to Apple’s Vision Pro. With 30,000 units planned for the initial release, the strategic alliance is indicative of a cautious yet ambitious plan to capture market share in the burgeoning VR space.