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Samsung AirDresser smart clothing care solution will sanitize and clean your clothes, kill 99.9% germ and viruses

Samsung has introduced an advanced smart clothing care solution named AirDresser. The innovative device is also the first of its kind ever built and uses powerful streams of air and steam to remove not only dusts but also pollutants and germs as well.

Samsung says this will ensure users have sanitized clothes to wear each time, which is so very relevant given the pandemic situation we are in the midst of at the moment. The new AirDresser can be the perfect fit both at home as well as the workplace and is claimed to be 99.9 percent effective in eliminating viruses and bacteria, including influenza, adenovirus, and herpes virus.

Using the AirDresser is a breeze as users just have to hang their clothing items inside it, just as we do in our wardrobes. It does the rest silently and with the least vibrations. Once the cleaning cycle is started, the clothes are subjected to a thorough cleaning and sanitizing process in four ways.

  1. JetStream

The JetStream blows a powerful stream of hot air into the clothes so that it can reach its most innermost layers. This ensures 99.9 percent of the harmful viruses and bacteria are eliminated, besides also removing 99 percent of odor causing gases and other harmful substances. Plus, the JetStream process also removes 100 percent of the house mites as well.

  1. JetAir

The JetAir process subjects the clothes to a powerful stream of air to remove dust that might be deeply entrenched inside the clothes.

  1. Heatpump Drying

This process dries up the clothes to remove dampness while also ensuring the clothes do not shrink or get damaged.

  1. Deodorizing Filter

The deodorizing filter eliminates odor causing particles which can be the result of sweat, tobacco, or any food item that might have got splashed on the clothes. With these removed, your clothes end up having a sense of lasting freshness to them.

Besides these, the AirDresser is also able to clean the interiors of the unit as well thanks to the Self-Clean technology that it comes with. This ensures the interiors of the unit is dehumidified, deodorized, and sanitized after each usage cycle. It will let the user know each time the unit needs to be cleaned, which is required to be done once after 40 cycles.

Another highlight of the AirDresser is its ability to effectively clean and sanitize the clothes while causing the least damage to them thanks to the use of innovative technology such as the HeatPump Drying tech that dries the clothes at low temperatures. Similarly, there is the Wrinkle Care tech that eases the wrinkles using steam and air without ironing. The Fur Care Cycle, in turn, ensures delicate furs are cleaned with minimal damage.


Cost and availability

The AirDresser is will set you back a cool Rs. 1,10,000. It is going to be available from Flipkart and Amazon, besides the online Samsung Shop as well starting December 24, 2020. As an introductory offer, there is going to be a discount of Rs. 10,000 and no-cost EMI of Rs. 5,555 for 18 months available for the first 15 days.

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