A day without charging your phone or tablet feels almost as weird as watching a movie with no sound. Most smartphones or tablets of the current generation can’t go without a charger for more than a day and a half of moderate usage at max. So what do you do if you’re out and about and always on the move, or just too lazy to bend over your table and plug in a charger? That’s where peripherals like Samsung’s 11,300mAh universal battery pack comes in.

It’s got 11,300mAh worth of juice, enough to charge an average smartphone for around five times. Currently available for around Rs. 3000, let’s see if Samsung’s 11,300mAh battery pack gives you that reassuring feeling of power. 

Box Contents:

  • Samsung 11300mAh battery pack
  • User Manual

Build and Design

The device looks pretty slick with clean lines and smooth rounded edges. It comes smartly dressed in white with a nice textured finish on the front. It’s the sort of the accessory that you won’t mind pulling out in a corporate board room meeting. It’s relatively light as well,  something you can easily carry around in your backpack or a handbag.

There’s also a 2-inch retractable micro-USB cable that comes out of the top edge, allowing you to directly plug-in your smartphone or a tablet. Also, there’s a standard USP port on top. Hence, it can be used to charge two devices simultaneously. Besides, the top edge also houses a micro-USB port to charge the battery pack itself.

It can recharge two devices simultaneously for around two sessions

The left side houses a button that illuminates the four set of LEDs that indicate the amount battery available. For instance, all four LEDs lit-up means 100 percent charge, three lights lit up implies 75 percent and so on.

Usability and Performance


Probably the niftiest feature about this thing is the fact tat you can simply plug-in your smartphone and that’s about it. You don’t have to turn it on as opposed to other battery packs which need to be manually triggered. Besides, it also shuts itself down once your device reaches 100 percent battery.

It works well with my Nexus 5, as I got three full charges in one session and it still had some juice left. Besides, it has enough power to recharge two devices simultaneously for around two sessions.


  • Looks slick
  • Easy to carry around
  • Comes with built-in retractable USB cable
  • Solid power back up on board


  • Slightly thick
  • No bundled charger
  • No fast charging
  • Takes a long time to get fully recharged
  • Not ideal for tablets

Wrap Up

The Samsung 11300mAh universal battery pack is ideal for those who are always on the move and want backup readily available. It’s got enough juice which gives you a reassuring feeling that you’ll never run out of power. It’s hassle-free and lets you power your device when needed. Also, the built-in micro USB cable removes the hassle of carrying one separately. It looks pretty slick as well and is easy to carry around. Even the price is not bad either. Overall, its good value for money.

That said, it takes an awfully long time to recharge. Samsung could have bundled a fast charger as it took me around 8-10 hours to fully recharge the device.