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Be Safe on the Internet with Hotspot Shield VPN for Smartphone and PC

Hotspot Shield VPN

You need a VPN every time you are on the internet, especially when your device is connected to a strange network. Not using a VPN can bring lots of troubles for you like identity thefts and malware attack. To keep you safe from these attacks, HotSpot Shield VPN is the best app for your smartphone and Windows PC. The Hotspot Shield VPN comes for all your devices; Windows PC, Mac PC, Windows Phone, Android, iOS and extension for Google Chrome.

User Interface

The user interface of Hotspot Shield VPN app is as easy as ABC; the home screen has one button to turn the VPN on. Once turned on, you will see a second screen showing the time since you are connected through VPN. It also shows the downloaded and uploaded data and the virtual IP the VPN is using for your device.

The screen also shows a menu to change the region from which your device is browsing the internet. Automatically it connects to a random area to browse the internet with a random IP address. In settings menu, you can select various options like enable on Windows startup and auto turn on when the device is connected to unsafe hotspots



You can enjoy anonymous web browsing so the network you are connected to can never retrieve your device’s or your detail. You will get complete Wi-Fi security with everything secured, no malware attacks and no worm or virus attacks. It protects your bank information, passwords and even your downloads from the snoopers and identity thieves.

It can also unlock all the websites which are ban in your country like when you are at school; this VPN can unblock YouTube, Facebook, and other social media website. It hides your device’s IP address and spoofs it with a temporary one so no one can track you down using the IP address or steal your sensitive data.

The smartphone is a device which everyone uses in their daily life, and we use smartphones even more than the computers and laptops. Sometimes we have very sensitive information on your smartphone like the internet banking passwords, credit cards information or any other credentials you saved for your accounts. You need to protect them from spammers and to make it sure HotSpot Shield VPN is the best VPN Service you can find for your smartphone whether it is an iPhone, Android or a Windows Phone.


The HotSpot Shield VPN is free to try for seven days which is enough to know how powerful this VPN service is? The Price for the Elite version is $12.99 per month, and there is a limited time offer which is for whole two years at $119.99. The price justifies the service which this VPN software provides because of all that sensitive data on your smartphone or PC worth more than money.