Home News Innovative Russian spacesuit to help ISS astronauts with safe spacewalks

Innovative Russian spacesuit to help ISS astronauts with safe spacewalks

A Russian company has showcased a newly developed next-gen lightweight spacesuit for astronauts onboard the ISS on 4th August, 2015.

The unique new spacesuits are equipped with climate control and individual safety systems that extend the life of these spacesuits.

The spacesuits are designed keeping in mind the hazardous atmosphere like open space to make astronauts feel more comfortable and safe.

Developed by Zvezda NPP, the spacesuit has a mechanism to maintain the required temperature within for about 50 minutes, which is sufficient to return to the space station safely.

It will allow astronauts to perform minor repairs easily during the spacewalks.

Maxim Kuzyuk, CEO of Technodinamika said; “New Technodinamika spacesuits greatly outperform their world analogues in many respects.”

“Thus, in case of damage American ISS EVA suit spacesuits can maintain pressure for just 30 minutes, but Orlan ISS – for up to 50 minutes, which gives spacemen some extra time to return to the station,” added Kuzyuk.

“In addition to that, our development is 35 kg lighter. Another fundamental distinction from the US version is that spacemen can ‘step’ into Orlan ISS rather than put it on.

“It means that a Russian astronaut can prepare for the exit into space without assistance of their colleagues.” He said.

Hopefully, these newly designed spacesuits will make life much easier for the astronauts who risk their life and travel to space for new discoveries for their country.