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Roblox Hacks: Where to find them!

Roblox is the furthest thing from easy, in terms of playing. You have so many customization options, the game made varieties, and in-game items, it’s almost hard keeping track of everything when playing. Discovering your place in the Roblox world is difficult enough, not having enough Robux to spend can be even more restricting for a player, being that the emphasis around the game is to customize your player by purchasing in-game items.

Sure, there are many ways you can go about obtaining Robux for yourself, but most methods are either time consuming or absolutely unfeasible without making an investment. And unfortunately, for a lot of players, making that investment is the hardest thing to do. Knowing well the user base consists of those well under the age of 16, it’s easy to assume that these individuals would be limited if they wanted to upgrade their player profile – and that’s just wrong.

Despite these hard facts, Roblox has not made any effort to decrease prices for their in-game currency, raising the cost in hopes to increase their profit margins. While this would be fine if they intended to implement more features, even ways to earn Robux without having to rely on spending hard earned money, this isn’t the case whatsoever. They’ve done next to nothing to try and improve this flaw, and their community isn’t really happy about it either.

More than multiple users took to large online forums like Reddit and 4Chan, discussing this issue with the online community. And… you guessed it, everybody agreed that Roblox has been on the decline, in terms of credibility. So much so, hackers have taken this issue personally. Creating robux generator┬áthat players can use to generate free robux, without the need of downloading any software or filling out any complicated online forms.

Seems like Roblox is at war with their community, something that could be easily prevented if they took the time to understand the requests of their users. This wouldn’t be the first time a very large online community took matters into their own hands for their own benefit, many years ago the same thing happened with Grand Theft Auto Online. Users didn’t like the costs involved with upgrading their player profiles and JTAGGED their XBOX devices to generate in-game currencies. Creating lobbies where people could obtain millions of in-game without the risk of getting banned. Sure, most of the people that participated in these activities had their account credits reset, but were left with whatever items they desired/purchased in the process. Which most people were absolutely content with.

This is yet another PRIME example of what happens when you don’t listen to your users and could be one very large lesson that Roblox could’ve avoided in the first place. Whatever the case may be, users always come first!

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