Rhinoshield Playproof iPhone Bumper Case Review

Apple recently released its eighth edition of the iPhone with an even more delicate design. Apple added a glass back to the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X to make the wireless charging work properly. Apple is claiming that the glass back is sturdy and can withstand accidental drops but once broken, you have to spend a lot of money to replace it. So, how about spending some money on a case now to keep your iPhone protected.

Rhinoshield makes the best cases for the iPhones, and the Playproof is the latest case from Rhinoshield which provides the best protection for your iPhone. This case uses the newest Shock spread technology to protect the iPhone from shocks. This technology comprises of custom formulated polymer which is placed in a honeycomb structure to provide maximum protection.

This polymer provides more than 90% impact absorbing capability and the honeycomb structure offers additional 10% to 15% impact absorbency. Rhinoshield claimed on their website that this polymer could protect an egg from breaking when dropping directly on the floor.

The matte finish over the bumper of the case provides additional grip to the smartphone. This matte finish also protects the case itself from getting scratches from coins and keys which you usually carry in your pocket with your smartphone. The bumper part of the case provides extra brim to the smartphone’s screen which keeps the screen to touch the surface when it falls.

While all other sturdy cases make your smartphone to look bulky to provide protection, Rhinoshield case does even better by adding so less to your smartphone. The bumper is only 2.5mm thick and does its job perfectly by protecting it from impacts. The case is also lightweight, it weighs just 12 grams yet it provides the same protection that your phone needs.

The Rhinoshield cases come with a precise opening for the ports like the charging port and 3.5 mm port. The ports are even tested with some of the most popular accessories like Beats by Dre and other third-party charging accessories. The power button and the volume buttons are covered with the same material as the bumper but work exactly like before.

The case is also customizable and comes with the ability to modify itself as you want. There are a bunch of colors and pattern combinations available on the website to choose from. The basic case with rim, buttons, back plate (clear) and the frame will cost you $31; more customizations can be added for an additional price. The products are available to buy on Amazon as well.


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