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Revolutionizing Smartwatches: An Unheard-Of Company’s Game-Changing Plan

A previously unknown company, Mijo Connected, is set to dramatically alter the landscape of smartwatches. Spearheaded by industry veterans Steve Prokup and Hai Nguyen, Mijo Connected aims to collaborate with major fashion and luxury brands to create unique, branded smartwatches. This comes at a time when tech giants like Apple and Google dominate the market with their uniform designs.

Key Highlights:

  • Mijo Connected, co-founded by ex-Fossil executives, plans to revolutionize smartwatches.
  • The company aims to partner with high-end fashion and luxury brands.
  • Mijo’s platform allows for extensive customization in design and software.
  • Collaboration with MicroEJ for software solutions, supporting both Android and iOS.
  • Anticipation for the first product launch, potentially disrupting the current smartwatch market.


The Genesis of a Smartwatch Revolution

Founded by Steve Prokup and Hai Nguyen, both with rich histories in the smartwatch industry, Mijo Connected is not just another new player in the field. Prokup, a former head of hardware at Pebble and senior vice president at Fossil, along with Nguyen’s product management and R&D expertise from Fossil, bring unparalleled experience to this venture. Their mission? To blend the worlds of traditional timepieces and smart technology in a way never seen before.

Smartwatches for Fashion and Luxury Brands

Mijo Connected stands out in the smartwatch arena by targeting high-end fashion and luxury brands. Their platform enables brands to launch smartwatches that are not only technologically advanced but also align with their distinctive styles and aesthetics. The level of customization offered extends from the physical design of the watch to the software interface, promising a seamless integration of brand identity into technology.

Software: A Blend of Innovation and Compatibility

In an intriguing partnership with software company MicroEJ, Mijo Connected plans to use the Vee Wear operating system in their smartwatches. This collaboration ensures that the watches are compatible with both Android and iOS devices, offering greater flexibility to users. Additionally, MicroEJ’s technology facilitates the adaptation of Wear OS apps to run on a non-Wear OS smartwatch, ensuring a wide range of app compatibility.

The Anticipated Arrival of Mijo’s Smartwatches

While the launch dates for Mijo Connected’s smartwatches remain undisclosed, the anticipation in the market is palpable. With the smartwatch industry currently dominated by a few tech giants, Mijo’s entry, with its emphasis on fashion, customization, and tech integration, could disrupt the status quo. Their approach offers an alternative to brands that wish to venture into smartwatches without transforming into full-fledged tech companies.

The entry of Mijo Connected into the smartwatch market signifies a pivotal moment, potentially altering the dynamics of wearable technology. Their focus on marrying fashion with function in smartwatches is not just an innovation; it’s a statement that challenges the traditional boundaries of technology and style. As the tech world eagerly awaits their first product unveiling, Mijo Connected stands at the forefront of a potential revolution in how we perceive and use smartwatches.

Mijo Connected’s foray into the smartwatch industry represents a significant shift from the current landscape dominated by tech-focused designs. By blending high fashion with cutting-edge technology, they are poised to open a new chapter in wearable technology. As the world awaits their first product launch, one thing is clear: the smartwatch market is on the cusp of a transformative change.