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Revolutionizing iPhone Call Recording: The Magmo Pro MagSafe Accessory

The Magmo Pro, a groundbreaking MagSafe accessory, has reshaped the way iPhone users can record calls. Offering a blend of convenience and technology, this innovative product is a CES 2024 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Mobile Devices, Accessories & Apps category. Here’s a closer look at what makes the Magmo Pro a must-have for iPhone users.

Key Highlights:

  • The Magmo Pro uses MagSafe technology to attach to the back of iPhones (iPhone 12 or newer).
  • It offers an option to automatically record all calls or to manually record selected calls.
  • The device features AI-generated transcriptions and organizes recordings in the Magmo app.
  • It is thin (6.8mm) and light, with mics designed to block surrounding sounds.
  • The voice recorder has an eight-hour battery life and takes about an hour to fully charge.
  • Available for purchase on Amazon for $129 without additional subscription fees​​.

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Seamless Integration with MagSafe

The Magmo Pro’s design allows it to snap onto the back of your iPhone using Apple’s MagSafe technology. This ensures a strong, secure attachment and easy detachment when needed. Compatible with iPhone 12 and newer models, the Magmo Pro brings simplicity to call recording.

User Experience

The Magmo Pro leverages Apple’s innovative MagSafe technology, ensuring a secure and effortless connection to your iPhone. Compatible with the iPhone 12 and newer models, it brings unparalleled ease to recording phone calls. Users have the flexibility to record all calls automatically or select specific calls for recording, tailoring the experience to their needs.

User-Friendly Operation and Storage

Operating the Magmo Pro is straightforward. Users can choose to automatically record all calls or manually activate the recording for specific conversations. With a storage capacity of 32GB, the device can store up to 500 hours of recorded calls, eliminating the need for monthly fees or an Internet connection. This feature addresses the common issue iPhone users face when trying to record calls, offering a practical and efficient solution​​.

Design and Battery Life

Despite its powerful capabilities, the Discover the Magmo Pro, a revolutionary MagSafe accessory for iPhones, enabling easy call recording without additional fees. Available now on Amazon. boasts a slim and lightweight design. Only 6.8mm thick, it is more compact than typical MagSafe battery packs. Its mics are strategically placed to reduce background noise, ensuring clear call recordings. The device also impresses with its battery life, lasting up to eight hours on a full charge, which takes approximately one hour​​.

Availability and Pricing

The Magmo Pro Voice Recorder is readily available for purchase on Amazon, priced at $129. This cost-effective solution does not require any additional subscription fees, making it an attractive option for users seeking a hassle-free call recording experience​​.

In conclusion, the Magmo Pro MagSafe accessory presents a seamless, efficient solution for iPhone users looking to record calls. Its integration with MagSafe technology, user-friendly operation, and robust design make it an essential accessory for modern iPhone users. At its competitive price point and with no hidden fees, the Magmo Pro stands out as a valuable tool in the realm of mobile phone accessories.