We celebrated Maggi’s return with probably too much enthusiasm and now mere it’s mention is making us nauseatic. So for the lazy ones of you who are searching for a less slimy and more linear food alternative, we are about to discuss a rather established Online Food service company Foodcloud.in who have been delivering food to people of Delhi from over two years now.

Foodcloud, is basically an online technology that connects hungry and lazy people to cooks who offers a modern fusion with the essence of home cooked food. If Irish people are to be believed, Laughter is brightest where food is there!

Foodcloud have marked their popularity on Twitter and their food quality is well-appreciated by all of their customers. Foodcloud was started by an alumnus at Carnegie Mellon University, Vedant Kanoi accompanied by Shamit Khemka. Shamit Khemka is also the founder of SynapseIndia. These two have now expanded their team and added more than 100 home chefs which in turn offers us variety. Foodcloud allows gastronaut housewives to earn by spending a little more time in her zone of Interest- Kitchen.

So, we decided to give the service a try before reviewing it. Let’s get along to see our findings.

For ordering from Foodcloud perform these steps along with us:

Log on to Foodcloud.in. The site is user-friendly and easy to navigate which means basically anyone can operate it effortlessly. Just enter the Pincode of your area.

You can now choose from the wide variety of cuisine they offer on the menu like Rajasthani/ Marwari, Goan and Kashmiri, South Indian also Italian, Thai, Burmese, Chinese, Mexican and Lebanese etc.

After you have selected the dish you will be offered the Chefs for the respective order which you can choose according to the arrival time limit and Chef ratings.

Do not forget to add the mouth-watering desserts in your cart!

Although the desserts are comparatively costlier. They follow COD. They also let you order an entire menu for Parties and other functions. You can mention any specific detail regarding your order on the number which you will be provided after successfully placing order. If you still have any doubts, they can be contacted on 7042640064.

Foodcloud (1)

We ordered five different dishes from the chef, Parminder Kaur. Our order consisted of:

  • Breakfast Platter – 1
  • Rajasthani Thali – 1
  • Chinese Platter – 1
  • Deluxe Thali – 1
  • Mughlai Thali – 1

There is a certain minimum order amount defined by every cook. In our case, it was Rs. 500 minimum, but we chose to order everything from Chef Parminder Kaur only. You can also contact the Chef directly if you have any queries or special needs before placing the order.

At Foodcloud, you need to order something before a certain period of time mentioned by a chef. In our case, we had to order it 24 hours before we get our delivery.

Foodcloud (3)

The food was well received by us before the scheduled time and was packed well in the plastic plates so that you can warm it in the microwave before eating. The quantity of food was satisfactory too.

It was a lot of food, so I invited my family & friends to try the food and give their expert opinion on it. And surprisingly everybody liked the food, upon asking if they would like to eat the food again, they all nodded in a YES!

Foodcloud (5)

Foodcloud (4)

Foodcloud (6)

So, if you have liked the food sent to you by the Chef of your choice at Foodcloud, you can rate them by visiting their profile page. I rated Parminder Kaur, a 4 star!

Foodcloud has approximately 6,000 visitors every day. The huge point of disappointment is that they deliver only in Delhi since last two years. We hope that they start their service soon at least in Metropolitan cities. We can at least expect Delhiites to not be hangry (hungry+angry) anymore!

The Foodcloud service is totally recommended from our side!

The story was co-authored by our staff writer, Shulanda Singh!