Scientists reveals Sun undergoes through seasonal changes like Earth

According to a new study conducted by National Center for Atmospheric Research, Sun, just like Earth, undergoes through the seasonal changes and these can help in predicting the solar storms in a better way.

NCAR Study reveals that Sun goes through the kind of seasonal variability related to waning and waxing over the duration of two years. These changes and variability in Sun have an impact over the valleys and peaks in around 11-year duration of the solar cycle. At times, this can lead to weakening or strong solar storms, which in turn can beat the atmosphere of Earth.

Strong magnetic fields affect variations in Sun

These are said to be quasi-annual events in Sun and the factor behind these is the entire band of magnetic fields, which are strong and exist in the solar hemisphere. These are primarily the over-lapping bands and are mostly fuelled when the deep interiors of Sun start rotating. As these magnetic fields move from Northern hemisphere in Sun to Southern hemisphere, the variation activity increases to zenith for around 11 months and thereafter, begins to come down.

How will this help Earth?

The research will help Earth because it will become possible to predict geomagnetic storms in the outer atmosphere of our planet in a better and more accurate manner. It is because of these massive and strong storms that the satellite operations, power grids, a range of technologies, as well as communications are being affected on Earth.

The magnetic fuel which surges from within the Sun can destabilize corona in a catastrophic way. These are the only factors behind some of the massive, most destructive and strongest solar storms. According to Scott McIntosh of NCAR, these surges in the interiors of the Sun are the reason behind 95% or more of the CMEs and large flares. These are indeed very devastating.


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