Renewed iPhone at as low as INR 22,399 Renewed iPhone at as low as INR 22,399

Renewed iPhone at as low as INR 22,399

ControlZ, a leading renewed smartphone brand is delighted to announce the launch of its special series of renewed iPhones. This remarkable collection provides customers with an extraordinary opportunity to own premium devices at an astonishing discount of up to 80% off compared to new iPhones.

The exceptional series incorporates iPhone XS, XR, and 11 that are restored to perfection by highly experienced professionals making them as good as new in terms of performance and cosmetics. They are also backed by an 18-month​ ​warranty for complete peace of mind and other essential accessories.

To avail advantage of this steal deal, prospective consumers can register on ControlZ’s website- from Wednesday​, June 21, 2023​ midnight onwards. Following the registration process, the series sale will commence on Saturday, June 24th at 5 PM and concludes as and when the inventory is sold out.

The special series’s alluring pricing furnishes phenomenal savings compared to the actual retail prices of these iPhone models. Whether you are eyeing to elevate your smartphone experience or present a memorable gift to a loved one, this exclusive series is an unmissable opportunity for iPhone aspirants with budget constraints.

“This one-of-its-kind series is a testament to our commitment to delivering a premium smartphone experience at budgetary prices to consumers across India. These meticulously renewed, premium quality iPhones will not only allow users to immerse themselves in their cutting-edge features and cherish an unparalleled experience but will also mark a significant step towards optimum utilization of devices,” said Mr. Yug Bhatia, Founder and CEO of ControlZ.

”By extending the life cycle of these devices, we are empowering more individuals to access top-tier technology and reduce the colossal waste generated while manufacturing new devices,” added Mr. Bhatia.

The iPhones included in the series are almost indistinguishable from brand-new ones, with the only oddity being a warning that appears in the battery health section. The reason being the devices have been equipped with new, top-notch batteries from diverse vendors ensuring optimal performance without compromise.

Ever since its inception, ControlZ has carved a distinctive reputation in the renewed smartphone segment. To ensure ​unrivalled customer service and experience, the company offers 18 months of warranty and 100% battery health on all of its devices.

Furthermore, ControlZ also provides premium and high-quality accessories along with the adapter and power cable of the devices that are encompassed in an alluring box. Over the years, the company has cemented its position as the leading player in containing manufacturing waste by focusing on premium renewed devices.

Owing to limited inventories, prospective buyers are recommended to act swiftly and register for the sale to secure their preferred iPhone models at a fraction of the cost.​