How to remove Stock apps from your Home screen in iOS 10

Apple revealed iOS 10 at Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) on 13 June where it showcased all the new features. Apple improved the functionality of each and every part of the iOS whether its lock screen, Siri, Notification drawer and the home screen. All in all, the whole user interface is changed and made iOS 10 a little customizable.

The best feature I like in iOS 10 is that you can now finally remove the stock apps from the home screen and by remove I mean Uninstall. Well, this may not be the highlight of iOS 10 for some users but trust me, it will make your home screen a lot more tidy. So, if you have updated your iPhone to iOS 10 then let me tell you how to remove the stock apps directly from home screen.

Note: You will not be able to remove apps like News, Messages, Photos, Camera, Clock, Health, Phone, Safari, Settings, and Wallet apps from the home screen by now, but soon you can with next builds.

Steps to remove stock apps from home screen:

  1. Select the stock app and hold it (like Health, Calendar, Music, Clock) until it starts to shake.
  2. Now tap on the little cross icon iphone6-delete-app-x-icon  above the app.
  3. Now press the home button to get back to the regular home screen. Voila!

Steps to restore the removed stock apps:

  1. Open App Store and search for the app you have removed.
  2. Tap on ios9-icloud-download-icon  icon to restore the app back to home screen.
  3. After restore completes, you can launch that app from the home screen.

After removing these apps, you will not be able to get that functionality on your iPhone until you restore that app back from App Store.

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