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How to remove iTunes DRM Protection from Media Files – Use Tuneskit for Windows!

Apple is smart enough to protect iTunes videos by Fairplay DRM technology, which prohibits you from playing them on other mobile devices. This means if you had purchased iTunes movies, then you will be able to play it only using Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple TV.

In this scenario, how will you play them on other mobile devices? The answer is simple – Tuneskit for Windows. With the help of Tuneskit for Windows, you will be able to easily remove the iTunes DRM protection. The tool automatically converts M4V video format (iTunes) to universal and common MP4 video formats with fast speed and lossless quality by retaining all audio tracks, subtitles, and AC3 Dolby 5.1 surround sound.


Tuneskit for Windows enables you to remove DRM from iTunes M4V videos and rental/purchased movies. The tool automatically converts DRM protected files to the universal MP4 format by retaining all audio tracks, subtitles including AC3 dolby 5.1 surround.

Tuneskit for Windows has been developed in such a way that it will convert DRM iTunes videos using a fast engine and by keeping the source video quality lossless. Your DRM M4V videos will be converted at 20X faster speed, which is very high than other competing software tools.

Tuneskit for Windows offers an ability to easily customize the audio tracks and subtitles. Moreover, the tool retains the 5.1 surrounding audio tracks, directory structure of ITE files in addition to meta data. The tool also provides support for bah conversion including the ability to convert Full HD videos without any loss of quality.

If you are unaware, iTunes renal/purchased videos are copy protected with Apple’s Fairplay DRM technology. Hence, it is not possible to watch the videos on other mobiles devices, which includes Android and Windows mobile. You will be able to watch them using only Apple’s iPhone/iPad/iPod/Apple TV.


The total capacity of the installer package is around 2MB and can be easily downloaded within less than a minute depending upon your Internet connectivity. At our test labs, we downloaded the installation file within 45 seconds using high speed broadband network. After installation, you need to register the software by selecting the first icon from the top navigation bar and selecting Register option. You will be required to provide your email and serial number. If the supplied credentials are correct, the Tuneskit for Windows will be successfully activated.


To work with Tuneskit for Windows, you need to drag and drop the M4V files into the provided area.

Alternatively, you can also select “Add Files” option to enable the tool to automatically detect the list of all compatible M4V files. You can select the relevant file and select “Add” button to convert to MP4 format.

To view the list of iTunes files which are converted to MP4, select Converted option on the toolbar.


We downloaded a sample file from the web and attempted to open it using Windows Media Player, which produced an error message as shown below

Windows Media Player Error

To convert the media file with TunesKit, you need to open the program (either from desktop or start menu). You need to locate the folder where the sample file is placed and drag the file from the folder to Tuneskit dashboard. You have to open both windows so that you can easily drag and drop the file as shown below.


As soon as you drop the file inside Tuneskit, the relevant file will be placed inside it like as shown below


If you select the file, you will view two icons on the right side. The first icon reveals the parameters of the file. You can delete the file by selecting the second icon.

The next process is to convert the DRM protected M4V file to MP4 format by selecting Convert button located on the bottom of the Tuneskit screen.

However, you need to modify the location where the converted file will be placed by selecting the button with three dots on the bottom row. You will view “Browse for Folder” window. Select the relevant folder by selecting it from the hard drive. You should view the new path name.

Select Convert button to begin the conversion process. The time required to complete the conversion depends upon the capacity of the original DRM M4V file.

During the conversion process, you will view the progress bar on the relevant row of the track.

conversion process

Changing Languages

By default, Tuneskit for Windows ships in English language but you can easily modify the language according to your preference by navigating to Preferences option. As of writing this, the tool provides support for 4 languages.

Tuneskit for Windows

As you can see from the above screenshot, Tuneskit for Windows also provides a facility to enable or disable automatic updates. It is recommended to enable the automatic update so that the tool will get fresh features and improvements as and when available.

You can verify the existence of any update by selecting Check for Updates option.


We found it very easy to work with Tuneskit for Windows since there are no complicated menus and other options. Moreover, the user interface was smoother than other similar software tools. We highly recommend Tuneskit for Windows if you would like to convert iTunes DRM M4V videos to the universal MP4 format, which enable you to watch the video in other devices like Android smartphones, tablets including Windows Mobile, laptops, Televisions and computers.

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