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Remo Video File Recovery Software Review

The loss of data is one of the worst things we can experience when we work on the computer, although it is not very common and often happens by accident. No one is exempt from losing important files due to system failure, hard drive failure or accidental deletion.

Personally, I have lost some photos and videos of great value because of the bad habit of using Shift + delete for everything. Fortunately, there are countless programs in the market to recover deleted files.

By researching a bit on the Internet, I discovered an excellent program that has saved my life a couple of times, especially in a case where I almost lost hundreds of GB of data from a hard drive that was converted to Raid format. That’s why today I want to share this solution to recover files easily and quickly.

Remo Recover is an HD video recovery software, very useful when rescuing files recently deleted in the computer. It also works in complex data loss situations, such as accidentally reinstalling the operating system, removing partitions, or partitions in a RAID format. If at the time of using this program your hard drive has bad sectors, you can create a flawless disk image and then recover files.

This software has a free version that allows you to recover up to 1 GB of deleted files. If you need to recover more or have more serious problems, you can buy any of the three versions of payment that I will summarize below.

When you need to recover more than 1 GB of files that you have deleted by accident, that has been lost when cutting and pasting, or that a power failure or defragmentation occurs, you can opt for the basic version of the software that has a cost of $39.97.

If you have lost significant amounts of multimedia files such as photos and videos, I recommend that you purchase the Media version that costs $49.97 and allows you to focus recovery on images, audio and video files. You can also recover multimedia files, data from formatted memory cards and photos in RAW format.

In the most extreme cases you can acquire the Pro license of this Remo software for recovery of hard disks, with it you can recover the data of lost partitions, format partitions or converted to the RAID format. This version has a cost of $99.97.

I hope that if you have lost data from your hard drive you will recover it soon with this excellent software. Do not forget to share this post with those who may be interested.

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