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Remix OS based on Android features in world’s cheapest laptop

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Jide, the company responsible for bringing Android to PC may have redefined day to day computing for good with the Remix OS. Technology has reached fascinating heights, so much so that there is a laptop available in the market for the price tag of $79.

A Chinese company called the Allwinner Technology has built a laptop featuring the Remix OS. It features an 11.6-inch display with a resolution of 1366 x 768. It packs a 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor powered by one gig of RAM, and it has 8GB of internal storage. Of course, there are options for more storage and RAM.

The higher variant with a 14.1-inch screen with 2GB RAM costs an extra $20. Both versions run Remix OS, the Android-based operating system intended for laptops and PCs. The higher variant also has a touch screen version for another $20. These are officially the world’s cheapest laptops.

The $79 price tag is only for bulk orders, which means that these laptops are primarily meant for school classes and small businesses.

Coming to the other half of the story, Remix OS is an OS that allows users to use Android apps on PCs. It has become popular among developers and users because of its desktop-like experience and the ability to run multiple apps in separate windows or in fullscreen. The interface looks far from perfect, but Jide has promised to continuously improve its technical capabilities for the better experience of the user.

Jide has used its software to make an all-in-one PC. The firm teamed up with the Chinese manufacturer AOC to create a desktop powered by Remix OS. A device that’s aimed at China’s enterprise market. The is nothing but a basic computer and not a powerful one by any stretch of the imagination. It will still be interesting to see what Jide has planned for its software.

The AOC-built Remix OS PC has a 24-inch, 1920 x 1080 display. It sports a 2GB RAM and 16GB/64GB of storage. It also has two HDMI ports on the back along with an Ethernet jack and four USB ports.

This hardly comes as a surprise that after dominating the smartphone and tablet world, Android is coming after PCs. However, the challenge here lies to topple the massively experienced Microsoft. Venturing into PCs seems to be Android’s clear future, now.

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