Remember 19p per min calls app, Ringo? Telecos ban it for Domestic service

A P2P international calling app, Ringo launched local calling facility at 19p a minute. According to the company, the pricing was 90% cheaper than the call rates offered by existing telecom companies.

Unlike other VoIP (Voice over IP) apps, Ringo app will make use of the existing telecom networks.

When asked to comment on comparatively cheaper pricing, Bhavin Turakhia, CEO and founder of Ringo had this to say — “Our local calling service is not only the cheapest in India right now, but it is also free of typical telecom related hassles such as STD charges and differential pricing.”

The service launch, however, was not welcomed by other telecom service providers and some of them started to block the services of the Ringo calls in some part of the country.

In a blog post, Ringo announced that it will be halting the domestic calling services in the country and will resume the services only when the complete matter is resolved.

However, the name of the service providers who were blocking the services was not disclosed.

Ringo has also assured that the services they are providing are completely “legal” and following all the guidelines and regulations that are set by the DoT (Department of Telecommunications), and TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India).

In addition to this, Ringo also promises to consistent contact with the regulatory bodies to get the service unblocked.

“Until we manage to get an intervention from relevant regulatory authorities to unblock our service, none of our domestic calls are going through,” Ringo wrote.


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