Reliance Jio HP offer: Free data, voice calling offer extended to HP customers

Reliance has come out with a new offer that would enable owners of HP laptops to avail of Jio 4G internet services free for three months.

However, the process is slightly convoluted as it is currently invite-only for the HP customers. What that means is that HP laptop owners will need to have an email containing a unique referral code to avail of the Reliance offer.

How to avail the offer?

Once in possession of the referral code, users will then need to have it verified at any Reliance Digital or Digital Mini Xpress store. If the verification is successful, then the next step will be to buy the JioFi 2 device where it is selling for Rs. 2,899. Needless to say, users will not be allowed to buy the JioFi 2 MiFi devices if the verification process fails.

That apart, users will also have to carry along a valid proof of their identity and address for the verification process. There is also a ‘Know Your Customer‘ form that too needs to be submitted.

Once past those, users can then activate a prepaid or post-paid Reliance SIM along with the JioFi plan. The verification process is generally over within 24 hours itself, during which time users will receive a call on the registered mobile number. It can take up to a maximum of 7 days for the tele-verification process to be completed.

As for the benefits, users can look forward to free unlimited data, calls, and SMS for three months. Users will have to log into the MyJio app to make voice and video calls in HD. The offer is so far applicable to Lyf smartphones and select Samsung and Apple handsets.

Reliance is also reported to have amassed a huge stock of the JioFi 2 devices ahead of the planned launch of Aug 15. Manufactured by Rayson Technology, the MiFi devices can connect to up to 34 devices and has a battery life of around 6 hours. The device also takes just about 3 hours to get fully charged and weighs only 204 grams. It is available in three color options of blue, black and red.

The latest JioFi 2 devices are also further development of the first gen devices that were initially available to only Reliance employees. Further, the first gen MiFi units had lesser battery and took more time to charge. The devices, however, were cheaper at Rs. 1999.

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