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Reliance Games ‘The BFG Game’ officially launched for iOS and Android

Reliance Games is launching ‘The BFG Game’ based on Steven Spielberg’s American fantasy adventure film scheduled for release on 1st July 2016. It envisages an adventurous journey through fabulous worlds with BFG and Sophie and involves mixing dream jars in an exciting match-3 puzzle. It will be available all over the world on iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets.

It is a product of Reliance Games and Amblin Partners, and players join Sophie and BFG on an adventurous journey through London, Dream Country and much more. Every level requires the players to complete varied tasks before they run out of moves.

The Big Friendly Giant and Sophie is a capricious dream-matching voyage through magical lands like the dream world and giant’s world. Players along with Sophie from the orphanage set out on an incredible journey through London streets, Giant Country,  BFG’s Cottage, Copenhagen Streets and  BFG’s Dream Cavern.

It also features special boosters like Snozzcumber and Frobscottle. Players can get Bonus Rewards by collecting puzzle pieces in the dream jar matching journey. There are more than 100+ levels, and users can invite friends to share lives, Phizzwizards, and gifts.

In the words of Amblin Co-CEO, Jeff Small collaboration with Reliance has created the BFG games which bring the exploits of the Giant and the little girl’s life. It is a game for all ages and is brimming with surprises, 3D animation, and fantasy art.

Reliance Games is a developer and publisher of mobile games and is an extension of Reliance Entertainment Group. It includes subsidiaries like IM Global and Codemasters. The house has in the past released blockbusters like Real Steel, Real Steel World Robot Boxing, Hotel Transylvania 2, and a lot many mobile games in partnership with prominent Hollywood Big Whigs like DreamWorks, Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, and Warner Bros.

Download The BFG Game for App Store and Google Play.

Watch the official trailer here: