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Relay FIFA 2022 Football World Cup screening with ViewSonic Monitors and Projectors Inbox

And it’s a GOAL!!! The world cup fever is still at its peak as we are gearing toward one of the most exciting sports, ‘ football fever. With FIFA 2022 kicking off on 20th November, we get preppy for the prestigious football tournament that brings people together for the love of Football. The fans can’t keep calm and are all set for the get-together to enjoy the screening of FIFA 2022.

Relish the feel of a front row watching your favorite footballer, Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, hit the goal in your comfort. Cheer up for your favorite team and experience the immersive viewing with best-in-class Projectors and Monitors. So, let’s take a stroll down to the exclusive projector and monitors by ViewSonic to enhance your FIFA screenings.

ViewSonic X1000- 4K+ Soundbar LED Projector

The excitement of yelling Messi on a huge screen is unmatched. With the ViewSonic X1000- 4K+ Soundbar LED Projector, host the screening of FIFA 2022 and turn your living room into a stadium. The embedded 40W Harman Kardon-designed soundbar creates an aura to enjoy every kick in the match with its high-quality sound. The elite finish of the projector adds panache to your home décor. The X1000-4K+ projects a high-resolution 100″ image and gives a cinematic experience of every goal. Enjoy the screening of FIFA 2022 with family and friends.
Price INR 3,95,000

VX3276-MHD-3 Entertainment Monitor

Watch your favourite footballer, Benzema or Halland take over the match on the VX3276-MHD-3 Entertainment Monitor. Comes with a sleek and minimal design, it is a perfect blend of style and performance with features that include a sizeable 32″ (31.5″ viewable) Full HD display, 1080p resolution and IPS-type panel technology. In addition, the premium monitor is equipped with speakers to enjoy the football world cup.

Price INR 25,200

ViewSonic M2e Projector

Let your football fever get a more vivid experience with the ViewSonic M2e LED portable projector. Watch your favourite match with friends and family anywhere with a fun-filled portable projector installed with Harmon Kardon speakers. The projector features Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology to achieve quick autofocus and deliver Full HD images. In addition, the projector can transform any place into a football stadium with easy connectivity. So don’t miss out on any goal from Messi or Neymar, and enjoy the screening anytime, anywhere, with the portable projector for immediate enjoyment.

Price INR 85,000