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Redux Sound ReduxBuds TWS with ANC review – We are totally impressed!

In case you didn’t know, ReduxBuds recently went huge on Kickstarter by raising over 50k in just the first few funding days. These earbuds offer noise canceling and stereo quality sound in a package that is affordable and lightweight. Besides, ReduxBuds also comes equipped with the latest AI-powered ANC modes and an extraordinary 100-hour battery life with 10 hours of continuous playback). Therefore, we’ve listed a few reasons why you should consider buying these awesome earbuds.

Phenomenal sound quality

We recently got our hands on a pair ReduxBuds, and boy, we were totally impressed. After listening to some EDM on these earbuds, we can say that noise cancellation and audio are impressive. Thanks to graphene drivers, which are nearly 40 percent larger than those found in similarly priced wireless earbuds. These larger drivers certainly make a massive difference in terms of sound clarity, especially bass.  So what you get with Redux Buds would be a top-notch overall sound quality that will most definitely grow on you, even if you prefer loud and bass-heavy music.

Excellent noise cancellation

ReduxBuds come equipped with a brand new AI-powered active noise cancellation system. It features smart ANC modes that are exceptional at isolating and blocking noise. So whether you’re working out, or just trying to concentrate on your work, ReduxBuds will do a phenomenal job at phasing out background noise. Compared to Apple AirPods Pro, these earbuds pack an extra 10dB of noise-canceling power, which you’ll instantly notice when you put these on. In fact, one can call it a complete game-changer in noise cancellation technology.

Besides, there’s an easy to access transparency mode if you don’t want to block outside noise completely. Now, this allows natural sounds around your environment to enter, so you can listen to your workplace conversations or order a meal during break without having to take out these earbuds.

100-hour battery life

Another distinctive aspect of the ReduxBuds TWS earbuds is the battery life, which puts other similarly priced earbuds under rough waters. ReduxBuds promises to deliver an industry-leading 100-hour battery life. The company claims that the use of graphene speakers makes Redux Buds more power-efficient. And when combined with a high-capacity battery,  you can enjoy 10 hours of continuous audio playback. Besides, you can get an additional 90 hours of juice from the charging case. Not to mention, the case also supports fast charging, so you get over 3 hours of use from your earbuds with just a 15-minute charge.

Comfortable fit

ReduxBuds are impeccably designed, keeping in mind the scientific accuracy of the ear’s shape and contours. Therefore, these earbuds fit flush within each ear’s primary ridge, for an efficient seal to give you a better sound experience. This design aspect also allows you to use them at ease, whether you’re walking, or working out, or even running without any discomfort or worries. The ergonomic design and fit also let you wear them for extended periods, without any discomfort, fatigue, or sweating in or around the ears.

Affordable Price, Great Quality

Well, you just cannot get all the above features and the phenomenal performance at this price point from any other brand, which makes ReduxBuds an absolutely recommended purchase. Besides, these earbuds are rated to an IPX5 standard for water resistance, which means they’re fine in even rough conditions.

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