Redmi AirDots Review – Do they live up to the hype?

Evidently, the truly wireless earbuds are way more convenient than typical ones for obvious reasons. And thus they are expensive for the most part- specifically the good ones. But what if we tell you that the new AirDots by Xiaomi’s sub-brand Redmi cost just around INR 2,500?

Well, not to be confused with the more expensive Mi AirDots, let’s find out if they are worth buying in our full Redmi AirDots review.

Redmi AirDots Specifications

Before we start with the Redmi AirDots review, here are some essential specifications and features of the device.

  • Bluetooth Version v5.0 (LE up to 2 Mbps)
  • Chipset: Raychem RTL8763BFR Bluetooth chip
  • Drivers – 7.2mm Dynamic Drivers
  • Controls: Button-based
  • Earbud Weight – 4.1g
  • Earbud Dimensions –26.65 × 16.4 × 21.6mm
  • Case Dimensions – ‎62 × 40 × 27.2mm
  • Claimed Battery Life – Up to 4 Hours/ Up to 12 hours with the case
  • Battery Capacity (Earbud) – 40 mAh
  • Battery Capacity (Case) – 300 mAh
  • Number of Microphones – 2
  • Extra Features – IPX4 Water Resistance
  • Colour – Matte Black and White

Package Contents

mi airdots 1

  • Redmi AirDots
  • Eartips (Small, Large, Medium by default)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Charging Case

Redmi AirDots Review

Design and Comfort

The Redmi AirDots look very similar to a number of other products in the market with a generic pill-shaped design and plastic build. They are quite compact and weight super light at just 4.1 grams each. But that also makes them feel hollow from inside, which doesn’t drive much confidence with respect to build quality.

Moving further, the buds bear a minimal design with a matte white finish on the top and matte white lining that separates the buttons from the rest of the body. Yes, the sides are disguised as buttons which you can press in order to turn them on, play/ pause music or activate Google Assistant on Android phones and Siri on iPhones with a double press.

mi airdots 7However, we’d have loved to see capacitive touch controls as the buttons when pressed, tend to push the buds against your ears, which feels quite disturbing while enjoying music. But then again, that has been reserved for the expensive Mi AirDots.

They offer a secure fit and are equally comfortable to wear for long hours of listening. This also makes them great for workouts like running or gymming- they aren’t going to fall that easy. Additionally, you get an IPX4 rating, which makes them resilient against sweat and minor splashes.

Note that there’s no branding on the buds and the only thing that’ll remind you of the maker is the cute little Redmi logo, engraved on the case. Talking of the case, it’s quite light at just 36grams and can be slipped on easily in pocket or purse due to small size.

mi airdots 4Notably, it holds the AirDots with magnets which are strong enough to fall even when held upside down. Moreover, the case gets a micro-USB port (no USB C, neither we expect that) at the back for charging and can be charged separately or with the earbuds inside. Interestingly, the buds turn off automatically after you keep them inside. And are back live for pairing as soon as you pick them up. There’s also a smart energy feature that actively turns off the AirDots after 5 minutes of inactivity, saving up the juice for a few extra beats.

Pairing and Connectivity

mi airdots 6Pairing the earbuds is quite easy- just pull the right earbud from the charging case, and a white light will start to blink. Turn on Bluetooth on your device and connect with Redmi AirDots_R after which the light would go off. Thereafter, pull out the left earbud from the case, and it’ll automatically be paired with the right earbud. And, you’ll also get a voice feedback message confirming that the connection has been established.

Once you complete the above initial pairing process, they’ll connect within seconds every time you take them out of the case. By the way, it uses Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity, followed by SBC Bluetooth codec and lacks high-quality aptX codec support which we loved on the Funcl AI.

Sound Quality and Performance

With 7.2mm drivers, the Redmi AirDots produce really loud and clear sound for the price. Particularly, there’s the right amount of bass onboard- sweet and subtle, nothing muddy, precisely the way most would prefer. It’s not made for bass-heads, though.

Highs, on the other hand, are quite crisp and clear, followed by well-balanced mids. I tried multiple tracks, including EDMs and typical Bollywood music over the review period. And I was satisfied for the most part, except for a few complains here and there including latency issues, mostly while playing games.

mi airdots 5Now they do skip a few frequencies on the extremes, but then again, the overall sound stage is better than most other TWS earphones in the segment; in fact, pretty good for the price. Although, in my usage, I found the Noise Shots X5 and Samsung Galaxy Buds (review) to sound better for obvious reasons (not an apt comparison as they’re priced much higher, but just to give you an idea).

Battery Life

The AirDots offer a playback lifespan of around four hours (at 60-70% volume) which is something out of our expectations. Just pull them out of the case, and you’re good to go. Furthermore, the provided case helps to top the battery for almost three times. This allows for a total playback time of around 12-14 hours, making them last for nearly two to three days without the need of being charged.

mi airdots 3Charging the earbuds from 0 to 100 takes about one and a half hour through the case. While the case itself takes a little over 2 hours to juice up. Both the earbuds and case have LED indicators which glow in red while charging and turn off on getting fully charged. Forgot to mention, the earbuds can also be used in Mono mode, allowing for a net endurance of 5 hours.

Redmi AirDots Review Verdict – Worth buying?

The Redmi AirDots fit comfortably well, offer excellent battery life, and sound decent for almost all genres. Hence, if you’re in the market, looking for a good pair of truly wireless earphones in a budget, then these are indeed a worthy option to go for.

That being said, there are some flaws, including latency issues, average build quality, and poor controls. But then again, this is what you get for the price. While they aren’t officially available in India, prospective buyers can import them via by paying around INR 2,700.

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