How to Record screen activity on Android smartphones

Screen recording in Android can be usable in case you have an Android video blog and want to share a tutorial or the gameplay video. In both the cases, you should know how to record the screen of your Android device. Below are the possible ways for recording your Android device screen.

Method 1: Cast your phone screen to your PC

It is the easiest and the best method to record your Android smartphone screen. You just have to mirror your Android smartphone screen to your PC, and using any desktop recording software you can easily record your Android smartphone screen onto your desktop.

  1. Mirror your smartphone screen to PC.
  2. If possible, maximize the mirroring screen so you can record the screen perfectly.
  3. Run any desktop recording software on PC.
  4. Start recording with the desktop recorder.
  5. You can edit the video easily because the video is saved on your PC.

Read how to mirror your Android smartphone screen on PC. (this sentence should be hyperlinked to “how to mirror android screen to PC”)

Method 2: Use screen recording app

The fastest way to record your phone screen is by using an app. You just need to launch the app and then you can start recording with one tap. Some of the best screen recording apps are listed below.

SCR Screen Recorder (root needed):

SCR Screen Recorder is easy to use application. When you launch the app, a tool box with recording, settings, and exit button will start to keep floating on the screen. When you press the recording key, the toolbox will disappear, and recording will start. To stop the recording, just pull down the notification drawer and tap on the SCR Screen Recorder and save the recorded video.


REC Screen recorder (no root):

REC screen recorder is another app for screen recorder, but this app doesn’t need root access to record screen. This app comes with a lot of features like shake device to start and take a screen shot. It is compatible with Android wear so you can shoot its screen too. To stop recording, you can lock your device.

Method 3: Use Android SDK

This method involves a lot of steps and also internet data, but you don’t need to root your phone. This method should be used if you want to make small length videos like one or two minutes because the maximum limit of screen record is 180 seconds.

Steps to record screen via Android SDK:
  1. Download Android SDK and unzip it on your PC.
  2. Navigate to the SDK\Platform Tools and while pressing Shift key, right-click inside the folder and select “open command window here“.
  3. On your phone, go to Settings > About device and tap on Build Number 7 times.
  4. Come back to the settings menu and open Developer Options and enable USB Debugging from there.
  5. Connect your phone to PC using a data cable.
  6. On the command line, type this command “adb devices”. Your device should be listed below.
  7. To start recording, type this command “adb shell screenrecord /sdcard/example.mp4” and press enter.
  8. To stop recording, just press Ctrl+C on the command line.

Feel free to change the storage and file name by editing the command and then you can easily change the location and file name.

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