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Reasons Why You Should Wear a Safety Belt

Since the invention of the car, there have been improvements to make traveling safer. The safety belt was introduced in 1955 to keep the drivers and passengers safe. Many people resisted it, and most buyers would request the car manufacturers to remove the safety belts.

Today, the police have the right to pull you over if you are not wearing a safety belt. You will receive a ticket in Wyoming if found driving while not wearing the safety belt. The belts can reduce the severity of injuries during a collision. If you are injured due to a negligent driver, contact a car accident attorney in Wyoming and fight for your right to compensation. 

Apart from the law requiring you to wear a safety belt, here are other compelling reasons you should buckle up every time you drive.

They Prevent You from Becoming a Projectile

If you are not wearing a safety belt, you will not occupy the same space when the car comes to an abrupt halt. The impact can turn your body into a projectile flying through the windscreen or hitting your head on the front seats.

The myth of people having a high chance of surviving if they are thrown out of the car is very much just a myth. Research shows people thrown out of the car are four times likely to suffer fatal injuries than those who remain in the car.

They Increase the Chances of Survival

Drivers and passengers wearing safety belts are most likely to survive a car crash than those who are not. Statistics show passengers in the rear seat wearing lap and shoulder safety belts are 44% more likely to survive a car crash.

Therefore, you are most likely to receive bruises and minor injuries in your arms and legs. The safety belt keeps you from getting injured in your abdomen and chest, where several vital organs are located.

They Can Affect Your Compensation

During negotiations, the defendant’s attorneys will try to look for evidence to show your actions or omissions led to your injuries. If the defendant’s attorneys find out you were not wearing your safety belt when the accident occurred, they will push for contributory negligence.

Contributory negligence will ruin the chance of you getting full compensation. Some insurances also include clauses requiring their customers to wear a seat belt. Your insurance company could deny you compensation if they discover you did not wear a safety belt. 

They Protect Your Spine and Head

If you get severe head or spinal cord injuries, your life could change drastically. The safety belt helps avoid head and spinal cord injuries. When the car comes to an abrupt stop during an accident, your body continues moving at the same speed.

The safety belt keeps you in place, and you can avoid hitting your head on hard surfaces. Brain and spinal cord injuries take years to heal, and some can lead to severe and deadly consequences.

They Complement the Airbags

Airbags are part of the safety features installed in most cars to complement other features such as the seatbelt. Some people think since their car has front and side airbags, there is no need to wear safety belts. If you do not wear your safety belt, the airbags in your car become useless. You will suffer severe injuries even if the airbags deploy. Sometimes, the airbags will not deploy, causing you to hit your head and body on the hard surfaces inside the car. 

Always Wear a Seatbelt

You should make it a habit to always wear your safety belt whenever you drive and even as a passenger. It does not matter how far you are going; you cannot be sure what will happen. Those few seconds you spend wearing your safety belt could save your life.

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