5 reason to buy or not to buy OnePlus 5

Finally, the wait is over for the majority of smartphone lovers, and tech savvies, as OnePlus has finally launched the OnePlus 5 in India. The device was earlier Introduced by the company in the US market on 20th June. The handset has two variants of 6GB/64GB and 8GB/ 128GB which are priced at Rs 32999 and Rs 37999 respectively. The device is remarkable and is being appreciated by a number of tech experts. So the question arises, would it be better to buy OnePlus 5, let’s have a look at the 5 strong reason to buy and not to buy this beast.

5 reason to buy

  • Snappy processor – OnePlus 5 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, which claimed to be the fastest processor till date. So thumbs up here.
  • Faster RAM- The handset is accompanied by the latest generation LPDDR4RAM, as the device is available in two RAM variants; 6GB and a mammoth 8GB which allow faster loading times, smoother gameplay with seamless multitasking.
  • The new iteration of camera technology- OnePlus 5 features the rear Dual camera set up in which primary shooter is 16 MP, F/1.7 optic and secondary shooter is 20 MP Telephoto lens with F/2.6. This camera setup is powered by DXO labs post processing software. Furthermore, the front camera is equipped with a 16MP with aperture of 2.0
  • Stunning and solid build quality – the handset is beautifully crafted with smooth edges. According to the YouTube tech channel Jerry Rig Everything, the device found to be fairly solid, despite extreme test like a scratch test, bend test and burn test.
  • Beautiful Screen- OnePlus 5 is packed with a full HD optic AMOLED display which claimed to be the best 1080p display in the market right now. It has fantastic color saturation, brilliant white balance, and power saving ability.OnePlus 5

5 reason not to buy

  • No IP 68 certification- This is sad, when the device is priced around 38000 bucks, the company should have included water and dust protection.
  • The absence of OIS and Below average camera output- Company tied up with DXO labs to provide best image processing algorithm. According to The Verge, the final output images of HDR and Portrait mode are not crisp and they are over processed and flimsy. Though the camera hardware is borrowed from Sony IMX series which seems to be quite capable, it really falls short due to the lack of OIS.
  • No expandable storage – Considering the price point and multimedia users, the company, should include this features. Though the device is available in two variants of 64 and 128 GB which should be enough.OnePlus 5
  • The absence of USB Type C 3.1 – The lack of USB Type C 3.1 is a strange move by the company because OnePlus 5 is the company’s costliest and most anticipated smartphone.
  • Low powered battery- though 3300 mAh sound enough and can offer a full day backup, but still, the company should have included a much bigger capacity battery considering the form factor and price of the device.

All in all, with Top notch hardware and seamless UI, the OnePlus 5 placed itself in the league of high-end quality smartphones like iPhone 7 and Galaxy S8.

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