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realme launches realme Pad 2 bringing segment’s first 120Hz 2K Display, starting from INR 19,999

realme, the most reliable smartphone service provider, today has unveiled the realme Pad 2, the perfect pad for the youth. The realme Pad 2 is the first tablet that is equipped with segment-leading 120Hz 2K Super Display  that redefines the industry with leap forward technology offering the customers the best upgrade ever.

Setting a new benchmark with the No Leap, No Launch philosophy, realme is setting high standards in the industry. The brand is committed to introducing leap forward technology in every aspect of new products and making it accessible to the customers.

Commenting on the launch, realme India spokesperson said, “At realme, we are dedicated to bring the best to our customers by offering cutting edge technology and the biggest upgrade ever with the realme Pad 2. We understand that the young generation is in need of a product that offers breakthrough technology and features that gives them a comprehensive product experience. We believe in bringing the best visual experience to the customers and a complete upgraded experience that does not compromise on any fronts.

The realme Pad 2 introduces the biggest upgrade ever in the realme Pad series with segment-first 11.5” 120Hz 2K display, resulting in a smoother and more comfortable experience. It offers an impressive improvement in its screen-to-body ratio compared to the previous generation, increasing from 82.5% to 85.2%. This enhancement results in a larger display area in proportion to the overall size of the device, making it the leader in its segment with the highest screen-to-body ratio. It is equipped with the largest 8360mAh battery capacity in the segment and a segment-only 33W fast charge. In terms of the storage, realme Pad 2 has the largest memory in the segment with up to 8GB+256GB. With the Dynamic RAM Expansion technology, realme Pad 2 can expand 8GB of RAM by up to 8GB to enjoy a 16GB-like experience. The realme Pad 2 comes with a significant upgrade in the software and is the first tablet to come with realme UI 4.0 based on Android 13 out of the box and will be available on, Flipkart and mainline channels.

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The price and sale details of realme Pad 2 are mentioned below:

realme Pad 2 – Pre Booking Offer Details



Pre booking Offer

Offer Price

Pre booking Date

realme Pad 2 (6GB + 128 GB)

INR 19,999

INR 500 Coupon+
1500 Bank Offer


26th July – 00:00 hrs (Midnight) – 31st July

at Flipkart,

realme Pad 2 (8GB + 256 GB)

INR 22,999

INR 500 Coupon
+ 1500 Bank Offer


*Additional student discount of INR 500 on Flipkart and
*Users can avail the prebooking bank offer on ICICI, SBI & HDFC bank cards on and on SBI & HDFC cards on Flipkart with upto 9 months No Cost EMI

realme Pad 2 – First Sale Offer Details



First Sale Offer*

Offer Price

First Sale Available on

realme Pad 2 (6GB + 128 GB)

INR 19,999

INR 1500 off


1st August – 12 Noon onwards

available at Flipkart,

realme Pad 2 (8GB + 256 GB)

INR 22,999

INR 1500 off


*Additional student discount of INR 500 on Flipkart and
*Users can avail the prebooking bank offer on ICICI, SBI & HDFC bank cards on and on SBI & HDFC cards on Flipkart with upto 9 months No Cost EMI

Key features of realme Pad 2

The only 29.2cm (11.5”) 120Hz 2K display in the segment

1.120Hz refresh rate

For any tablet user, the visual experience is paramount, and a high refresh rate has become a standard spec of flagship tablets, meaning a smoother and more comfortable experience. realme Pad 2 debuts a rare 120Hz screen in the segment, devolving the flagship visual experience and leading the price segment into the 120Hz era. realme Pad 2 supports three refresh rates of 40Hz/60Hz/120Hz, and can intelligently adjust the screen refresh rate, taking into account power consumption and screen display application scenarios.

2. 11.5-inch 2K display

By adopting an 11.5-inch 2K display, realme Pad 2 has changed the current situation where the screen size of most of the mainstream tablets in the segment is no more than 11 inches. Compared to the previous generation realme Pad, the screen-to-body ratio has increased from 82.5% to 85.2%, which is also the largest screen-to-body ratio in its price range. This nano-edge design delivers a borderless, more immersive viewing experience. And with a screen resolution of up to 1200 x 2000 pixels, details are vivid and crystal clear.

3. 1 billion colors and 01 Ultra Vision Engine

realme Pad 2 has 1 billion original colors, which is a feature of high-end tablets, restoring the true color display details of the screen. Coupled with 01 Ultra Vision Engine, realme Pad 2 supports video color enhancement. With the support of the 01 Ultra Vision Engine, it can fully meet the demand of young users for high-quality videos when catching up on dramas.

4. Eye protect feature

Eye Comfort Mode: realme Pad 2 features an eye-friendly screen and is packed with plenty of features that won’t tire your eyes, even when used for a long period of time. When the eye protection mode is on, it effectively reduces blue light to reduce eye strain.

Supports DC dimming: realme Pad 2 can change the brightness by increasing or decreasing the power to the display. This dimming method is widely used on LCD screens, without stroboscopic flicker, which greatly reduces eye damage.

Dark Mode: When browsing realme Pad 2 in a dark environment, the dark mode will ensure that the screen light doesn’t hurt eyes so that users won’t feel dazzled.

Sunlight Mode: In outdoor scenarios with strong light, users can actively set the screen to the maximum brightness to activate the sunlight mode and see the content clearly on the screen even outdoors.

Night Mode: Night mode is on by default when set to the lowest brightness. Night mode adjusts the screen brightness to a minimum of 2 nits, reducing eye strain in low-light conditions.

1.8360mAh mega battery with 33W SUPERVOOC charge

realme Pad 2 is equipped with the largest 8360mAh battery capacity in the price segment, providing up to 1347 hours of standby, 85.7 hours of music playback and 17.8 hours of video play. Compared with the previous generation, the battery capacity has increased by 17.7%. On the other hand, realme Pad 2 also features the segment’s only 33W SUPERVOOC fast charge. With the help of high voltage and low-current charging technology, realme Pad 2 provides faster charging to charge up to 50% in only 50 minutes. Moreover, realme Pad 2 supports reverse charging. When your smartphone runs out of power, you can simply use the realme Pad 2 via OTG data cable to recharge it.

2. Up to 16GB dynamic RAM and up to 256GB ROM

The realme Pad 2 is the first model in the price segment to offer up to 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM, while it is also the largest memory version in the segment. And the 256GB ROM could support storing 53760 photos/songs (based on 4MB per photo/song), 860 episodes of popular TV dramas (based on 250MB per episode of 720P HD video), and 70 game apps (based on 3GB per game app).

In addition, realme Pad 2 features Dynamic RAM Expansion technology which enables realme Pad 2 to expand 8GB RAM by up to 8GB to enjoy a 16GB-like experience. The large RAM supports multiple applications running in the background, making application switching smoother.

3. Helio G99 chipset

realme Pad 2 is powered by the Helio G99 octa-core chipset which runs ticking at 2.2GHz with an Antutu benchmark score of 455,348, which is the best performance in its price range. Compared to Qualcomm 680, Helio G99 improves power efficiency by more than 20% in gaming, more than 20% in social media/e-commerce, and more than 10% in platform systems. The 6nm chipset has a 211% higher transistor density than the 12nm chipset, with more transistors and higher density, the computing efficiency will be faster and the current power loss will be lower, so applications will launch faster and performance will be better.

4. realme UI 4.0 for Pad

This time, realme’s Pad has been upgraded with realme UI 4.0, based on Android 13 out of the box. And there are some new and useful features that can facilitate daily user experience.

5. Multi-screen Collaboration:

Screen mirroring: You can control your phone from the tablet in real time. Try logging into the same account on both your phone and tablet, and the phone will automatically connect to the tablet, then you can manually click on the cast screen mirror.

6. Content sync: 

The sync clipboard allows the copied text to be shared between the tablet and your phone. With the sync media, all the photos, videos, screenshots, and screen recordings on your phone will automatically pop up on your tablet as well.

*Models that support Multi-screen Collaboration: realme 10 Pro+, realme 11 Pro+,  realme GT, realme GT2, realme GT 2 Pro, realme GT Neo 3, realme GT Neo 3T, and the phone needs to be upgraded to UI 4.0 to experience this feature.

New features:

Dual Window:  With this feature, you can use an app in two different windows simultaneously.

New Dock Design: It can display resident applications and recent applications, and can greatly improve the efficiency with the large folders on the desktop.

Special features:

Productivity: Multitasking features include a Split screen, which enables you to open two apps together, and Flexible Window, which lets you tuck into floating windows in apps. And there’s also a compact panel called Smart Sidebar that lets you perform actions or access functions and apps quickly. In addition, the Reading Mode makes e-reading as close as possible to leafing through a paper book by simulating the texture of a book’s pages, resulting in an eye-friendly user experience.

1.Dolby Atmos quad speakers

realme Pad 2 is equipped with four luxurious speakers, and the sound is as loud as a small speaker. It also has Dolby Atmos and Hi-Res certifications so you can experience amazing sound quality.

2.Ultra slim design and metal body

realme Pad 2 is just 7.2 millimeters thin. You can easily travel with it and enjoy it on a plane, by the pool, or when camping. When you are reading a book or watching a video, it’s easier to hold them with one hand. realme Pad 2 is crafted with advanced craftsmanship and comes in two colors: Inspiration Green and Imagination Grey.