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Ready to Grow Your Own Cannabis?

Growing cannabis is a rewarding experience that allows people to enjoy the benefits of this plant without worrying about the quality. Deciding to grow cannabis at home is a personal decision people should never enter into lightly. Learning about the tips shared in this guide will help new growers explore the possibilities and begin enjoying growing their cannabis crops in the privacy of their homes.

What Is Needed For Growing Cannabis?

Thankfully, there are not a lot of tools and materials necessary for cultivating marijuana. The first step is to purchase the very finest seeds. Those interested in cannabis seeds should research their options carefully and ensure they are choosing the correct retailer for their needs. The following offers information on the necessary tools for growing these plants.

  • Choosing feminized seeds is essential for only producing female marijuana plants. It is also wise to choose auto flowerers because they do not require any strict lighting schedule changes to begin to bloom. Autoflowering seeds also only produce females.
  • Growing cannabis in the right environment is important. This plant can be grown indoors or outdoors. Many people choose to grow cannabis indoors because of the privacy level and greater control over the growing conditions.
  • LED grow lights are an important tool when growing cannabis indoors. Because these plants are not exposed to the sun, they will need a light alternative. LED grow lights are fairly inexpensive and help mimic the light of the natural sun.
  • Ventilation helps clean the air in the growing room and ensures proper airflow. Fans and a ventilation system aid indoor marijuana plants in growing healthy and strong while reducing the growth of mold and mildew.
  • Containers are necessary when growing cannabis indoors. Sturdy containers that are at least a gallon in size will provide room for most cannabis varieties. The container must have drainage holes to ensure water does not pool in the bottom and cause root rot.
  • Growers will need to choose the right soil mix to grow cannabis. Cannabis plants prefer loamy soil that drains well. Coco coir is a good choice. Some people set up elaborate hydroponic systems to grow cannabis.
  • Finally, water is also critical for growing cannabis plants. These plants will need water every other day. Tap water is safe for marijuana plants as long as it is not overly hard, meaning full of minerals.

How to Get Started

To get started growing cannabis, germination is the first step. Germination involves putting marijuana seeds between two wet paper napkins. Keeping them covered and in a warm place will allow the marijuana seeds to begin sprouting within a couple of days.

Once sprouted, the tiny plants are transported into their soil-filled containers. After the seedling stage comes to the vegetative stage which lasts up to fifteen weeks. The flowering stage lasts up to fourteen weeks, and then it is time for harvest.

Growing Cannabis Brings Great Rewards

Growing cannabis is not overly difficult and offers a wealth of rewards. Those who enjoy cannabis for better health will find growing at home allows for improved quality control.

Cultivating cannabis does not require a lot of knowledge. Having the right tools and time will allow for a bountiful harvest.  With the items above, anyone can grow cannabis plants successfully. Depending on the type of cannabis, harvests typically come in around four to eight months after planting.

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