Reactions to iPhone 7 launch that would tickle your funny bone

The new iPhone 7 series has launched, and shortly they shall also run out of stock. As a tech community, it is our solemn duty to try and devour every comic aspect of the iPhones that an ‘i’ product fan thinks has never featured in Android devices.

First, let’s go through what the internet already has in store for us.


When you realize that the previous one cost you both your kidneys!

And yet as an Apple fanboy, all year you be like…

When you realize, you’re too poor for this shit…

There’s no limit to comedy when these guys come into the picture. Seriously.. Don’t blink! You might miss out when they accidentally show the actual specs of the phone.

When you’re so much into copying that you don’t realize you’re copying yourself

Other websites:

iPhone owners future be like…

You can take your time with this one

What else can you sell?

Well.. someone took it almost too far!

Jack off.. I mean Jack is off.. Jack deeeeeeeaadd maaann! You take your time with this one…

Here are some originals from us:

When you’re so busy copying that you don’t realize you’re copying from your own answer sheet.

I had to do this one… I just had to!

I’m the most overpriced piece of shit!

You high bro?!

I’m still not done…

Hope you enjoyed watching all these funny comments on iPhone 7 launch. If there’s anything to add, do let us know in the comments section below, we will add that to our article.


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