Rare Super ‘Blood Moon’ Lunar Eclipse coming on September 27

San Francisco: Supermoon Lunar Eclipse, as per NASA’s prediction, will take place on 27th September at night. This event is being called as ‘a rare event’ for it is going to happen after as many as 30 years and will not be repeated anytime after this before 18 years.

Since 1982, this will be the very first celestial event of Supermoon Lunar Eclipse, and it might reoccur in 2033.

Sadly, not every person staying on this earth will be able to experience this heavenly magic. It’s only the South as well as North Americans and Africans, Europeans, and the residents of Western Asia as well as East Pacific Ocean expanse who will be the fortunate enough onlookers, blessed with good weather during the month end.

The appearance of moon will be totally different on this night; it will appear much bigger (with around 14% larger in its typical diameter) and brighter (around 30 times than how it seems in its normal stage) than its normal view every night. Not only this, but it will exhibit a prominent red shade as well.

NASA calls this event a special one for this is the sixth Supermoon Lunar Eclipse ever.

Rare Super ‘Blood Moon’ Lunar Eclipse Coming, Last Until 2033 | Video

Some Christians do not find it an auspicious event for as per them this event could mark the beginning of terrifying activities on Earth. They call it ‘a blood moon’ and consider as the fourth and the last one in the series or a cycle called ‘Tetrad’.

Lunar Eclipse September 28th 2015 Super Moon 4th Blood Moon Bible Prophecy

All the previous bloody moons have brought some horrifying news with them, and this one too will bring something ghastly with it.

Let’s see how this event turns out to be? Will it be a pleasant sight, as per NASA’s prediction or a horrible omen envisaged by a Christian community?


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