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Rapoo launches new C series webcams in India with up to 4K resolution

Rapoo, the China-based company best known for its computer peripherals and gaming accessories announced the launch of a series of webcams in India. Specifically, Rapoo has launched five new webcams in India – the Rapoo C200, Rapoo C260, Rapoo 270L, Rapoo C280, and Rapoo C500 – that form part of the company’s C series of webcams.

Among the highlights of the new C-series webcams from Rapoo include a compact and portable design, high-quality microphones, plug-and-play support along with high-resolution sensors that provide for excellent quality images.

Rapoo C Series webcam price and availability

The Rapoo webcams launched in India start at Rs. 3,499 which applies to the C200 model. Thereafter comes the Rapoo C260 which is priced at Rs. 3,999 while the next higher model, the Rapoo C270L is priced at Rs. 4,699. The Rapoo C280 is next in line and is priced at Rs. 4,999 while the Rapoo C500 is the top-end model and is priced at Rs. 10,999.

The new Rapoo C series webcams can be bought from Amazon.in along with other leading online and offline outlets throughout the country.

Rapoo C Series webcam model-wise features

Rapoo C200

This happens to be the entry-level webcam on offer and is the cheapest of the lot. The company said the C200 fits the bill for those who are looking for a good webcam but on a budget. It comes with a sensor having an 89-degree field of view and 720p resolution. Also included in the package is a flexible stand that can rotate as well and can easily be attached to a laptop or desktop computer. The integrated omnidirectional microphones ensure clear conversation. The webcam does not require the installation of any drivers as such. Simply plug into the USB interface and it becomes operational. All of this makes the C200 one of the best webcams for official meetings or chatting with friends and family.

Rapoo C260

The Rapoo C260 takes things to the next higher level with its 1080p sensor having an 80-degree field of view. This ensures better clarity during online meetings, making virtual presentations as well as studying online. The company said the high-resolution camera onboard makes it just right for making even highly detailed presentations as well while still being affordable enough.

Rapoo C270L

The Rapoo C270L is next in the series and comes with even better features. That includes a full HD 1080p sensor having a 105-degree super wide-angle lens. The entire thing is accommodated within a fully rotational head that can turn 360-degrees. The dual omnidirectional microphones allow for audio clarity of a high order. All of the above makes the C270L a great choice for video conferencing with team members or group discussions. Another thoughtful feature is the presence of a soft LED light that enables users to host meetings even at night or in a dimly lit room.

Rapoo C280

The company describes its C280 webcam as one that offers both quality and privacy. There is the 1440p Quad HD camera onboard along with twin omnidirectional microphones that allow for both superior quality pictures and audio. Further, there is a privacy cap in place too that can be used to cover up the camera when it is not in use. Rapoo said the C280 is great for those who do live broadcasts or YouTubers engaged in shooting instructional videos.

Rapoo C500

The C500 is the most high-profile webcam in the series and offers the highest resolution videos and best quality audio among all. Aiding in the former is the 2160p 4K camera with autofocus, an 80-degree wide-angle lens, and an extremely sensitive dual noise cancellation microphone all of which makes the C500 an excellent webcam that can infuse new life to your online meetings, be it for work, education or during online gaming sessions. The webcam comes with a USB C Port and can be attached to your monitor, laptop, or tripod.