Wireless computer accessories offer users a world of convenience while working on routine daily tasks. The main idea behind wireless peripherals is to allow users to roam around and work freely, without being bound by those annoying wires. We just received Rapoo 8000 wireless keyboard and mouse combo for a review. Currently available online for around INR 999, let’s see if it’s worth the buck.

Design and Functionality

Rapoo 8000 mouse and keyboard combo sports a sleek and compact form factor. The keyboard is almost the same size compared to Apple’s magic keyboard and is easy to carry around. Both the wireless mouse and keyboard in this combo showcase decent build quality for the price. Besides, they can be ordered in different colors, making it easy to match other accessories in your workspace. The overall build quality isn’t perfect but works well for the price and to find perfect gadgets and accessories for your PC, check out Instash.

The Rapoo 8000 wireless keyboard and mouse combo come with a plug and play simplicity. They are compatible with most versions of Windows 10 and Android-based systems.
To start using the two wireless peripherals, remove the Nano receiver stored at the bottom of the mouse next to the battery slot. Then, insert the batteries into each dedicated slot, and then plug the Nano receiver in a USB slot on your PC. It comes bundled with two AA batteries, one for the keyboard and one for the mouse. Once turned on, both devices are automatically detected and are ready for use.


You can connect it to PC, Laptop or Android smartphone (with OTG adapter). As far as typing experience goes, typing long emails was quite comfortable. I was able to type at a stretch without experiencing any muscle strain. However, the keyboard makes too much noise while typing really fast. Besides, I also felt a slight issue when it comes to the range of this keyboard and mouse. I was unable to use it when the dongle was connected at the backside of my CPU, as it kept on disconnecting. However, when hooked up with the front panel of the CPU, it worked like charm. There weren’t any lags at all.

All in all, this combo is good for both beginners and professional computer users. Given its sleek and compact design, it’s also good for users who carry their computer accessories on the go. The only drawback is that the keyboard is not very quiet. So basically, I can’t work while I pretend to listen to someone on the phone. They will definitely hear my typing.

Wrap Up

The Rapoo 8000 wireless keyboard offers good build quality, design, and performance. It is easy to use by inserting the included nano receiver in a USB slot with no software setup. For a wireless keyboard and mouse that offers solid connectivity and performance for the price, we can say it’s a good investment.