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Raise the bar of your Video Editing with the newest FilmoraPro 2.0

Wondershare FilmoraPro is now updated, and the newest version is FilmoraPro 2.0 with a wide range of features. The editing tool FilmoraPro has raised the bar of the highly appreciated and loved video editing tool.

It is elegant and is designed for professional and intermediate users. The novice like me has aced this tool, regardless of any skill or knowledge of video editing.

So, I highly recommend you having a try. FilmoraPro 2.0 has everything needed to make supreme-quality videos.

Get to know FilmoraPro

Key Features of FilmoraPro 2.0

  • Switch between slide editing, slip editing, ripple editing, and rate stretching, with advanced editing modes
  • Professional automated correction tools, color wheels, and balance controls are among the advanced color tools
  • Keyframe attributes like size, position, volume, and opacity of any audio, video, or effect can be animated
  • Bring more consistency in the sound by lessening the dynamic range between the softest and loudest parts of your audio
  • Extensive effects library full of customizable professional effects with many presets and adjustable parameters
  • The interface of this video editing software gives you complete control over your video project



If you ask what my first reaction using FilmoraPro 2.0 was, I would say, GOOD! It is easy to download, run, install, and get going pretty quickly. I found the user interface to be clean with a way of opening existing projects or new projects and a simple menu bar.

You can set a resolution and frame rate for your new project with FilmoraPro 2.0. So, don’t worry if you forget to set this initially, correctly, or set it wrong. With 100 frames per second rate and 4K UHD resolution, this video editing software offers a wide-range along with customizing options. The vertical video feature and range of presets for Instagram and other projects make FilmoraPro 2.0 a preferred tool for all.

Benefits of FilmoraPro 2.0

  • Easy professional tools for creating anything you like
  • Refine footages with precision without any restrictions using advanced editing and automatic stabilization
  • You get built-in screen recorder for recording your video instantly and import it to the editing panel
  • Use the preset transitions to give a new look to your clips
  • Choose from unlimited tracks to professionally edit your videos
  • Bring clarity in your audio storytelling with audio noise reduction feature to remove the unwanted background noise filmora audio
  • Automatic audio sync lets you replace the original audio with the high-quality audio file
  • Control the high and low of an audio file with audio compressor
  • Smoothen the sounds between clips by applying transitions like crossfading and overlapping
  • Include various free-to-use title pre-sets. For subtitles downloaded online, it doesn’t support importing them yet.
  • You can establish your signature style using customized animations
  • Easily add zoom or create realistic camera movement
  • Animation speed and duration can be controlled for fluid motion creation
  • Use keyframes or preset motion application to tailor your animations filmora color
  • With the comprehensive lens, glows, flares and light leaks quickly achieve cinematic aesthetics in your video and have plenty of scope for adjustment
  • Custom shapes and presets can easily mask your video
  • Warp, distort, create, edit, animate your footage with FilmoraPro 2.0
  • Ideal color setting with the auto-correction tool
  • Adjust highlights, mid-tone, shadows for image perfection
  • Make rapid and precise adjustments to match the overall feeling of your video
  • Ability to apply LUTs (Look Up Tables)


Apart from the playback and rendering part, FilmoraPro 2.0 is one of the best video editing software. You get to use all the advanced features and benefits of FilmoraPro 2.0 completely free with a watermark. After using the free software, if you feel that you want to go ahead with this tool and wish to export the file without the watermark, you may consider spending a few bucks to purchase this video editing software.

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