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RAEGR launches Ridelock 300A & 300B Ergonomic Universal Mobile Phone Holders for Cycles and Two-Wheelers

RAEGR, the consumer tech accessory brand well-known for its wide range of lifestyle and tech products, launches two new Universal Mobile Phone Holders ‘Ridelock 300A’ and ‘Ridelock 300B’ for two-wheelers. Making the smartphone even more useful for GPS maps and quick calls when using a cycle, bike, or scooter, the Ridelock mounts help as a super convenient hands-free accessory to safely mount it on your handle while ensuring you a safer ride.

No more stopping beside the road to pull out your smartphone from your pocket or bag to check the map or take a quick call — you can now do it safely even whilst riding. The RAEGR Ridelock is a simple, yet versatile and highly ergonomic smartphone mount for two-wheelers. It helps you securely mount your phone to the handlebar and allows full use of your smartphone while you ride safely. Do Note that it’s extremely dangerous to use a smartphone when riding or driving. The purpose of the mount here is to help you navigate your way using your smartphone as a guide.

While the Ridelock 300A and 300B are almost similar bike mounts, the 300B is designed especially for scooters too. The mounts are a 2-part accessory — one that mounts on the handlebar and the other sticks to your smartphone back/cover. The mounts are built using strong and durable weather-resistant metal and ABS. All you need to do is install it using the tamper-proof hex key and screw head, and tighten it at a convenient angle. The phone-side mount is a metal board that comes with a pre-installed 3M dual-sided adhesive tape that attaches to the back of your smartphone or its case. Then all you need to do is snap the phone on the mount and you are prepared to depart. The phone holder smoothly and securely snaps and locks itself onto the mount within no time. And to remove the phone, a small red button on the side instantly helps release the phone from the holder. The Ridelock mounts have a very strong hold on your smartphone to protect it even during the bumpiest of rides.

The RAEGR Ridelock 300A and 300B bike mounts are universally compatible with all mobile phones and extremely safe and convenient for maps and GPS navigation while riding. The two mounts are available for Rs 699 and Rs 899, respectively, on Raegr.com and Amazon.in.