RAEGR RapidLink 600 image RAEGR RapidLink 600 image

RAEGR launches ‘RapidLink 600’ 35W PD GaN Fast Charger

Why use bulky slow chargers when GaN chargers offer higher speed in a highly compact form factor? Consumer tech accessory brand well-known for its wide range of lifestyle and tech products, RAGER launches its super-fast 35W GaN Charger RapidLink 600, at a very affordable price. The adapter can charge two devices simultaneously and are compatible with all USB-based devices, irrespective of the USB interface type.

The RAEGR RapidLink 600 35W GaN Fast Charger is a compact wall adapter cum travel charger and is completely Made in India. GaN technology not only reduces the size and weight of the charger but also generates less heat, reduces power consumption effectively, and greatly improves charging efficiency. The charger uses TAGORE Technology (USA) GaN chipsets, which are highly trusted and extremely reliable. The RapidLink 600 is up to 40% smaller, yet up to 200% faster when compared to other similar chargers in the market. Easy to carry around in your bag or purse, this charger makes it a must-have travel adapter for those who are constantly on the move.

The RapidLink 600 features two USB ports — 1 x USB-C (PD) and 1 X USB-A (v3.0) which can be used simultaneously to charge two devices. The USB-C PD port can supply a complete 35 watts of power when a single compatible device is charging, while the USB-A (QC3.0) can supply up to 18 watts of power individually. When the two ports are used simultaneously, the two USB ports can supply up to 15W each.

Keeping safety in priority, the RAEGR RapidLink 600 is built with the most intelligent and safest technologies that are required to safeguard your connected devices. The charger features protection circuits to protect your devices against overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, and overcharging. Additionally, the power plug is designed for Indian power outlets, which helps the charger sit snug into the wall socket to avoid any power-related issues.

The RapidLink 600 has wide compatibility with almost every gadget available today. It is compatible with MacBook Air, iPad Pro, iPhone 14 Series / iPhone 13 Series / iPhone 12 Series, Note 20 series, Galaxy S22/S21 series and more 18W QC3.0 Charging, PD18W fast charging for all iPhones, 27W PPS Fast Charging for Galaxy Note 20 / Galaxy S21 / Galaxy S22 Series, MacBook Air, Type-C Ultra Books / Type-C Charging Laptops.

The RAEGR RapidLink 600 35W GaN Fast Charger is available on Raegr.com and Amazon.in for Rs 1,799 with up to 1.5 years of warranty.

About RAEGR:

RAEGR is a consumer tech accessory brand that offers a wide range of lifestyle and tech products. The product catalogue includes Wireless Chargers, Bluetooth Audio such as Speakers, Headphones and Earphones, Smartphone Cases and Mobile Accessories. RAEGR Wireless Chargers have been ranked the best in their category on Amazon India. The brand introduces innovative and high-quality products based on customers’ needs while maintaining excellent value and satisfying customer experience. The brand is owned by Georgian Enterprises, Bangalore.