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RAEGR AirDrums 400 – Dynamite sound in a tiny package

A good Bluetooth speaker should ideally have three qualities. It should sound good, be compact enough to fit anywhere without being a hassle, and finally – it shouldn’t burn a hole in your bank account. The RAEGR AirDrums 400 is one such speaker that perfectly fits that category. Currently, priced at INR 799 on Amazon India, let’s find out more about this compact yet powerful Bluetooth speaker in this review.

Design and Build Quality

The RAEGR AirDrums 400  feature a simple, minimalist design. These speakers sport a boxy, cuboid-shaped form factor with smooth rounded edges giving them a premium look and feel. The speakers’ compact form factor makes them very easy to carry around. Weighing in at 56.5g, taking these around is like a walk in a park.

RAEGR AirDrums 400 3

In terms of build quality, the AirDrums 400 uses durable and robust polymer materials. No wonder the manufacturer offers a 1.5-year warranty with these tiny beasts. With high-quality polymers used in their construction, these speakers are built to last. Besides, the thick and high-quality rubber underside ensures that these speakers stay put on a surface without slipping away in some other direction.

Even the text is etched with craftsman’s precision into the rubber underside, which happens to be of top-notch quality. Not to mention, the buttons also feel cery clicky and responsive. I was also impressed by how well-balanced these things are in terms of weight distribution. All this, while being pretty light weighted at just 56.5 grams.

All in all, these speakers feature a top-notch build quality.

Connectivity and Features

The AirDrums 400 is based on Bluetooth 5.0. Pairing these was a breeze. They connect quickly and easily with your Bluetooth-enabled device, with no hassles whatsoever. If you choose to buy a pair (pack of 2) of these speakers, you can enjoy stereo sound effects by placing them apart. The two units pair automatically with one another. All you have to do is turn on both units simultaneously. While both are paired together in stereo mode, turning off one unit also turns off the other one, with no human interference.

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In terms of features, the AirDrums 400 comes fitted with control buttons on the bottom. There’s a microphone and a power button that offer excellent tactile feedback. Just long-press the power button for 1-2 seconds to power on/off. To play or pause a track, click the power button once.

You also get the add-on feature to answer calls. Just click on the microphone button once to answer an incoming call, and the same goes for ending an ongoing call. Besides, you can redial the last dialled phone number by clicking the microphone button twice. While there aren’t many controls to fiddle with, they are adequate to get the job done.

Sound Quality

Right off the bat – it’s the sound that determines the quality of a speaker, and I was beyond impressed with AirDrums 400. They are loud, crisp, and pack quite a punch for a mini speaker. The Highs (bass) are deliciously thick and juicy, yet not overpowering. The Mids are well-balanced, while Lows are crisp and sharp. They churn out a well-calibrated, crisp, and immersive audio experience.


Good battery life is also one of the most important features for any Bluetooth speaker, and the AirDrums 400 do not disappoint. Once fully charged, you won’t need to charge them for a week if you’re a moderate user. I got around 9.5 hours of continuous playback, which is quite impressive.

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Besides, they also come equipped with fast charging. Once the battery gets depleted, the AirDrums 400 takes less than 1.5 hours to reach full charge. Not to mention, RAEGR has also bundled a fast charging microUSB cable in the box.

Wrap Up

RAEGR AirDrums 400 2

For the price, the sound from these tiny speakers will undoubtedly surprise you. They are really loud and very clear. I have used several mini speakers, but the AirDrums 400 churn out a much better sound and costs much less. You also get the added feature of answering calls, which you don’t get with others. Besides, it charges quickly, and the battery lasts for quite a while before you need to charge it again. Not to mention, you can carry these you anywhere if you love to have your music all the time, all thanks to the compact form factor. The AirDrums 400 certainly checks all boxes – be it build quality, battery life, features, and audio quality.