RAEGR 250 wireless earphones – Impressive sound quality, battery, and design

One primary reason why costumers go for wireless earphones over wired ones is ‘freedom’. With wireless earphones, there’s no problem with movement whatsoever. They come in real handy whether you’re commuting back and forth from work, or just doing your regular daily activities. Besides, they’re fantastic if you live an active lifestyle. The new Raegr AirBeats 250 is a great-sounding pair of wireless earbuds, ideal for the fitness enthusiasts and music-lovers alike. Currently, priced at INR 1,199 on Amazon India, let’s find out more about these wireless earphones in this review.

Design and Comfort

The AirBeats 250 is designed for an active lifestyle whether you’re gym goer, runner, or someone who likes listening to music on the move.

These earphones are constructed using a rugged, metallic exterior, and the entire body seems well-built and durable. Besides, the shiny metallic exterior also lends them a stylish look and feel, and they don’t feel cheap or tacky.

RAEGR 250 wireless earphones 7

These earphones sport an anatomical design, which adapts to the shape of the human ear. They fit perfectly around the ear, so whether you’re running or just strolling around the park – these bad boys stay in! They don’t feel uncomfortable, and you can easily wear these for extended periods.

Overall, the AirBeats 250 is an ergonomically designed pair of earphones, great for sporty types and music-lovers alike. Besides, there’s no need to worry about sweat or water as these earphones come with an IPX4 rating. Not to mention, RAEGR also gives a safety travel pouch which prevents any accidental damages while travelling with luggage. The bag has good cushion all around.

Connectivity and Features

The AirBeats 500 is compatible with devices starting with Bluetooth 4.1. I faced no pairing issues whatsoever as these paired with my iPhone instantly. Once turned on, these earphones are paired and connected automatically.

RAEGR 250 wireless earphones 6

As far as controls go, the AirBeats 250 comes with a multi-function button and two volume rockers. The controls are pretty simple and straightforward and give you complete control over your music and calls. The 3-button control scheme easily lets you take calls, adjust the volume, or skip a track all hands-free with the press of a button.

Call and Sound Quality

In terms of sound quality, I was surprised at the richness of the sound these earphones churn out. The volume can get very loud, and these earphones can pump out clear vocals with pounding bass. Overall, you get a well-balanced, immersive, and high-quality audio experience.

RAEGR 250 wireless earphones 4

Even call quality is quite impressive. I had no complaints what so ever given by recipients of my calls. I used them on a windy day outside, and I was still audible to my caller.


RAEGR 250 wireless earphones 5

After my first day of listening to music for many hours, I was amazed that the battery only went down to 80%. It was by the 5th day that I got a notification that the battery is at 20%. The battery is decent enough and chruns out almost 5-6 hours of playtime on each charge. They charge fast as well as they support the fast charging feature.

Wrap Up

RAEGR 250 wireless earphones 1

At the price of INR 1199, you certainly won’t get the same audio quality and features for the same price. Be it build quality, sound, battery life, or features – the AirBeats 250 are undoubtedly worth every penny. Even the fit is excellent. Overall, I am impressed by these, just not sure about the noise cancellation.